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Parish Council Meetings

Sway Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2019-2020

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All meetings are held at the Jubilee Field Pavilion unless otherwise noted.

All meetings start at 7.00 pm unless otherwise stated. Meeting dates are set at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council which take place in May every year. 

For information about earlier Parish Council Meetings, refer to Parish Council Meeting Minutes , or Planning & Transport Committee Minutes

Parish Council Meetings 2020-21

Full Parish Council (Virtual)28 May 2020adobe icon SPC Agenda May20 [181kb]adobe icon Bank Reconciliation May20 [48kb] adobe icon Budget Report May20 [55kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule May20 [48kb] 
Planning & Transport Committee (Virtual)14 May 2020adobe icon PaTC Agenda May20 [254kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC Minutes May20 [227kb]


Parish Council Meetings 2019-20

2019-20 MEETINGS

Full Parish Council (Virtual)23 April 2020adobe icon SPC Agenda Apr20 [3Mb]adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Apr20 [49kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Apr20 [43kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Apr20 [281kb]
Planning & Transport Committee9th April 2020no public meeting adobe icon PaTC minutes Apr20 [177kb]
Full Parish Council20 March 2020adobe icon SPC Agenda Mar20 [158kb] adobe icon SPC Minutes Mar20 [234kb]
Planning & Transport Committee12 March 2020adobe icon PaTC Agenda Mar20 [211kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC Minutes Mar20 [229kb]
Full Parish Council27 February 2020adobe icon SPC Agenda Feb20 [211kb] adobe icon SPC Papers Feb20 [4Mb]adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Feb20 [48kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Feb20 [48kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Feb20 [306kb]
Planning & Transport Committee13 February 2020adobe icon PaTC Agenda Feb20 [206kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC Minutes Feb20 [317kb]
Full Parish Council23 January 2020adobe icon SPC Agenda Jan20 [1Mb]adobe icon Payment Schedule Jan20 [45kb] adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Jan20 [47kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Jan20 [237kb]
Planning & Transport Committee10 January 2020adobe icon PaTC Agenda Jan20 [193kb] n/aadobe icon PaTC Minutes Jan20 [256kb]
Full Parish Council19 December 2019adobe icon SPC Agenda Dec19 with papers [909kb]adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Dec19 [52kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Dec19 [45kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Dec19 [289kb]
Planning & Transport Committee12 December 2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Dec19 [208kb] adobe icon Enforcements Dec19 [49kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC Minutes Dec19 [252kb]
Full Parish Council28 November 2019adobe icon SPC Agenda Nov19 [106kb] adobe icon SPC PAPERS Nov19 [6Mb] adobe icon SPC Agenda Nov19 with papers [6Mb]adobe icon Payment Schedule Nov19 [46kb] adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Nov19 [46kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Nov19 [232kb]
Planning & Transport Committee14 November 2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Nov19 [231kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC Minutes Nov19 [176kb]
Full Parish Council24 October 2019adobe icon SPC Agenda Oct19 [321kb]adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Oct19 [47kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Oct19 [49kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Oct19 [198kb]
Planning & Transport Committee10 October 2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Oct19 [87kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC Minutes Oct19 [170kb]
Full Parish Council26 September 2019adobe icon SPC Agenda Sep19 with papers [279kb]adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Sep19 [46kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Sep19 [47kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Sep19 [208kb]
Planning & Transport Committee12 September 2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Sep19 [103kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC Minutes Sep19 [366kb]
Full Parish Council22 August 2019adobe icon SPC Agenda Aug19 [95kb]adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Aug19 [47kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Aug19 [48kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Aug19 [155kb]
Planning & Transport Committee15 August 2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Aug19 [272kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC Minutes Aug19 [324kb]
Full Parish Council25 July 2019adobe icon SPC Agenda Jul19 [260kb]adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Jul19 [48kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Jul19 [45kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Jul19 [377kb]
Planning & Transport Committee11 July 2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Jul19 [278kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC Minutes Jul19 [340kb]
Full Parish Council27 June 2019adobe icon SPC Agenda Jun19 [263kb] Agenda and Papersadobe icon Bank Reconciliation Jun19 [46kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Jun19 [44kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Jun19 [350kb]
Planning & Transport Committee13 June 2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Jun19 [275kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC Minutes Jun19 [327kb]

Planning & Transport Committee

(Please note new start time of 7:00pm)

23 May 2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda May19 [278kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC Minutes May19 [327kb]
Parish Council Annual Meeting16 May 2019adobe icon SPC Agenda May19 [259kb]
Agenda and Papers
adobe icon Bank Reconciliation May19 [46kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule May19 [47kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes May19 [366kb]
Full Parish Council25 April 2019 adobe icon SPC Agenda Apr19 [334kb] 
Agenda & Papers
adobe icon Bank Reconciliation Apr19 [40kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Apr19 [46kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Apr19 [452kb]
Planning & Transport Committee11April 2019adobe icon PaTC Agenda Apr19 [272kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC Minutes Apr19 [471kb]
Sway Parish Assembly4 April 2019adobe icon APA Agenda Apr19 [447kb]n/aadobe icon APA Minutes Apr19 [334kb]


SPC Meeting Dates 2018-19
Full Parish Council28 March 2019adobe icon SPC Agenda Mar19 [254kb] SPC Agenda Mar19 Supporting Papersadobe icon Bank Rec Mar19 [39kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Mar19 [49kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Mar19 [160kb]
Planning & Transport Committee14 March 2019adobe icon PaTC March Agenda 2019 [257kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC March Minutes 2019 [311kb]
Full Parish Council28 February 2019adobe icon SPC Agenda Feb19 [264kb] Supporting Papersadobe icon Bank Rec Feb19 [39kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Feb19 [48kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Feb19 [334kb]
Planning & Transport Committee14 February 2019adobe icon PaTC February Agenda 2019 [266kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC February Minutes 2019 [396kb]
Full Parish Council24 January 2019adobe icon SPC Agenda Jan19 [3Mb]adobe icon Bank Rec Jan19 [39kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Jan19 [47kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Jan19 DRAFT [376kb]
Planning & Transport Committee10 January 2019adobe icon PaTC January Agenda 19 [265kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC January Minutes 2019 [494kb]
Full Parish Council20 December 2018adobe icon SPC Agenda Dec18 [828kb]adobe icon Payment Schedule Dec18 [48kb] adobe icon Bank Rec Dec18 [39kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Dec18 [596kb]
Planning & Transport Committee13 December 2018adobe icon PaTC Dec Agenda 2018 [277kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC December Minutes 18 [378kb]
Full Parish Council22 November 2018adobe icon SPC Agenda Nov18 [86kb]adobe icon Bank Rec Nov18 [408kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Nov18 [50kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Nov18 [536kb]
Planning & Transport Committee8 November 2018adobe icon PaTC November Agenda 2018 [73kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC November Minutes 2018 [729kb]
Full Parish Council25th October 2018adobe icon SPC Agenda Oct18 [462kb]adobe icon Bank Rec Oct18 [43kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Oct18 [46kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Oct18 [530kb]
Planning & Transport Committee11 October 2018adobe icon PaTC October Agenda 2018 [258kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC October Minutes 2018 [509kb]
Full Parish Council27 September 2018adobe icon SPC Agenda Sep18 [1Mb]adobe icon Bank Rec Sep18 [417kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Sep18 [422kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Sep18 [5Mb]
Planning & Transport Committee13 September 2018adobe icon PaTC September Agenda 2018 [257kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC September Minutes 2018 [4Mb]
Full Parish Council23 August 2018adobe icon SPC Agenda 23 Aug18 [248kb]adobe icon Bank Rec Aug18 [419kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Aug18 [427kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Aug18 [304kb]
Planning & Transport Committee9 August 2018adobe icon PaTC August Agenda 2018 [258kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC August Minutes 2018 Draft [433kb]
Full Parish Council2 August 2018adobe icon SPC Agenda 2 Aug18 [252kb]adobe icon Bank Rec Jul18 [426kb] adobe icon Payment Schedule Jul18 [428kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Jul18 [378kb]
Planning & Transport Committee12 July 2018adobe icon PaTC July Agenda 2018 [466kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC July Minutes 2018 [517kb]
Full Parish Council (additional)10 July 2018adobe icon SPC Agenda 10 Jul18 [424kb]n/aadobe icon SPC Minutes 10 Jul18
Full Parish Council28 June 2018adobe icon SPC Agenda Jun18 [443kb]adobe icon Payment Schedule Jun18 [47kb]  adobe icon Bank Rec Jun18 [422kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Jun18 [911kb]
Planning & Transport Committee14 June 2018adobe icon PaTC June Agenda 2018 [49kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC June Minutes 2018 [517kb]
Full Parish Council (additional)11 June 2018adobe icon SPC Agenda 11 Jun18 [427kb]n/aadobe icon SPC Minutes 11 Jun18 [417kb]
Full Parish Council and Annual Meeting24 May 2018adobe icon SPC Agenda May18 [381kb]adobe icon Payment Schedule May18 [44kb]  adobe icon Bank Rec May18 [46kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes May18 [522kb] 
Planning & Transport Committee10 May 2018adobe icon PaTC May Agenda 2018 with papers [5Mb] adobe icon PaTC May Agenda 2018 no papers [418kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC May Minutes 2018 [902kb]
Annual Parish Assembly3 May 2018adobe icon Parish Assembly Agenda 2018 [76kb]n/aadobe icon Parish Assembly Minutes May18 [3Mb]
Full Parish Council26 April 2018adobe icon SPC April Agenda 2018 [6Mb]adobe icon Payment Schedule Apr18 [46kb]  adobe icon Bank Rec Apr18 [344kb]adobe icon SPC April Minutes (Signed) 2018 [3Mb]
Planning & Transport Committee12 April 2018adobe icon PaTC April Agenda 2018 [433kb]n/aadobe icon PaTC April Minutes 2018 [9Mb]


SPC Meeting Dates 2017-18

2017/2018 Meetings




Planning & Transport Committee12 January 2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda January 2017 [74kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes January 2017 [5Mb] adobe icon P&TC Tree Report January 2017 [181kb]
Full Parish Council26 January 2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda January 2017 [276kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes January 2017 [3Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule January 2017 [14kb]
Planning & Transport Committee9 February 2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda February 2017 [90kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes February 2017 [7Mb]
Full Parish Council23 February 2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda February 2017 [429kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes February 2017 [4Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule February 2017 [14kb] adobe icon 2017-02-01 Letter from Sway Social Club Trustees to Sway Parish Council [26kb]
Planning & Transport Committee9 March 2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda March 2017 [72kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes March 2017 [5Mb]
Full Parish Council23 March 2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda March 2017 [420kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes March 2017 [3Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule March 2017 [13kb]
JF development task group13 April 2017 6pm. Not a public meeting
Planning & Transport Committee13 April 2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda April 2017 [373kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes April 2017 [5Mb]
Annual Parish Assembly & Full Parish Council27 April 2017adobe icon Annual Parish Assembly Agenda April 2017 [255kb] adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda April 2017 [419kb]adobe icon Annual Parish Assembly Draft Minutes April 2017 [373kb] adobe icon PC Meeting DRAFT Minutes April 2017 [520kb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule April 2017 [22kb]
Planning & Transport Committee11 May 2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda May 2017 [85kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes May 2017 [2Mb]
Full Parish Council Annual Meeting25 May 2017adobe icon PC Annual Meeting Agenda May 2017 [251kb]adobe icon PC Annual Meeting Minutes May 2017 [4Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule May 2017 [13kb]
Planning & Transport Committee8 June 2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda June 2017 [70kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes June 2017 [3Mb]
Full Parish Council 22 June 2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda June 2017 [423kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Draft Minutes June 2017 [459kb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule June 2017 [14kb]
Planning & Transport Committee13 July 2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda July 2017 [442kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes July 2017 [5Mb]
Full Parish Council 20 July 2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda July 2017 [276kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Minutes July 2017 [4Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule July 2017 [12kb]
Planning & Transport Committee10 August 2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda August 2017 [244kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes August 2017 [4Mb]
Full Parish Council24 August 2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda August 2017 [38kb]adobe icon PC Meeting Draft Minutes August 2017 [744kb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule August 2017 [14kb]
Planning & Transport Committee14 September 2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda September 2017 [79kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes September 2017 [769kb]
Full Parish Council28 September 2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda September 2017 [46kb]adobe icon PC Meeting final Minutes September 2017 [524kb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule September 2017 [200kb]
Planning & Transport Committee12 October 2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda October 2017 [319kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes October 2017 [145kb]
Full Parish Council26 October 2017adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda October 2017 [395kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Oct17 [4Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule Oct 17 [15kb]
Planning & Transport Committee9 November 2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda November 2017 [295kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes November 2017 [6Mb]
Full Parish Council23 November 2017adobe icon SPC Draft Agenda Nov17 [55kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Nov17 [4Mb] adobe icon PC Payment Schedule Nov17 [18kb]
Planning & Transport Committee7 December 2017adobe icon P&TC Agenda December 2017 [74kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes December 2017 [7Mb]
Full Parish Council14 December 2017adobe icon SPC Agenda Dec17 [66kb]adobe icon SPC Draft Minutes Dec17 [436kb] adobe icon SPC Payment Schedule Dec17 [13kb]
Planning & Transport Committee11 January 2018adobe icon P&TC Agenda January 2018 [275kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes January 2018 [3Mb]
Full Parish Council25 January 2018adobe icon PC Meeting Agenda Jan 18 [386kb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Jan18 [9Mb] adobe icon SPC Payment Schedule Jan18 [20kb] adobe icon Amendment to Payment Schedule Jan18 [332kb]
Planning & Transport Committee8 February 2018adobe icon P&TC Agenda February 2018 [280kb]adobe icon P&TC Minutes Feb18 [3Mb]
Full Parish Council22 February 2018adobe icon Final agenda and supporting papers Feb18 [21Mb]adobe icon SPC Minutes Feb18 [3Mb]
Planning & Transport Committee8 March 2018adobe icon P&TC Agenda Mar18 [281kb]adobe icon PaTC Signed Minutes Mar18 [7Mb]
Full Parish Council22 March 2018adobe icon PC Agenda March18 [14Mb]adobe icon SPC Signed Minutes Mar18 [8Mb]


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