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Sway S106 Stanford Rise Project

S106 Stanford Rise Public Open Space Project

  • ·       Voting at the public consultation asked for the S106 developers contributions to be spent improving the above open space.
  • ·       All people who expressed an interest were invited to a public meeting to discuss the possible formation of a Friends of Stanford Rise group. (FoSR).
  • ·       Of the twenty people who attended these meetings it was felt that it would be too soon to consider forming such a group although this might change at a later date.
  • ·       The overriding consensus of opinion was to sort out the drainage element across the whole site.
  • ·        A second phase of orchard / wildflower planting, picnic areas, paths and entrance improvements would then take place.
  • ·       The land is leased from NFDC. A plan would have to be submitted to NFDC before any go ahead could be considered. Consideration is being given to lease conditions when drawing up a plan.
  • ·       Three local companies have been approached to submit quotes for drawing up the drainage plans.
  • ·       George Farwell have been chosen to sort out the drainage. Work will commence around 8th May 2017 and is expected to take 3-4 weeks. Stanford Rise open space will be closed for the duration of the drainage works.
  • .       Plans for the path and entrance improvements to the open space finalised and quotations being sought

At the Annual Meeting of Sway Parish Council on 26 May 2016 it was resolved to setup a small S106 project task and finish group to manage this project. The members of this group are:

Cllr Melanie Seacombe 
Cllr Kevin CrippsFinance rep
Cllr David GolbyAdvisor

·       Please continue to visit this website regularly for further information.


Stanford Rise Community Orchard 27 January 2018

Many thanks to all the people who turned out in the rain to help plant the fruit trees at Stanford Rise Green and to the Chair of the Friends Group who rallied the volunteers.

We now have the beginnings of an orchard planted between the daffodils and have a selection of apples and pears for the community to pick in years to come.

It was lovely to see so many children with their parents getting stuck in to the planting (as well as the mud).
In addition we have planted a Silver Birch which will provide dappled shade for picnics etc on the green.

The next stage will be to install the timber wild play items which hopefully will be in the next few weeks, however we will keep you informed when we have a more accurate date.

2018-01-27 Stanford Rise Community Orchard planting Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

S106 Project Update 29 October 2017

Friends of Stanford Rise Sway kicked off their first group activity by planting over a thousand bulbs in the orchard area of the public open space. If you would like to help plant the orchard trees or get involved with the timber play that is soon to be installed please contact Rachel the Chairperson via email on

FoSR Bulb planting Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window


S106 Project Update 28 September 2017

a. Drainage works

a) As part of the initial contract Far wells will be returning to the site to sand and seed those drainage channels that have settled and since work was completed. Date to carry out this work is still to be confirmed.

b. Path works

a) Keffen Contractors have now completed the majority of the work.

b) Peter Cryer kindly marked out the position of the proposed corner of the scout hut with a five metre buffer zone to enable the correct siting of the path.

c) Paths have been laid with a stone sub base and topped of with hogging.

d) There has been some trouble with foxes on site who have been leaving deposits around the site and digging holes in the path before the path had time to set. The contractor has returned to site to re patch. Hopefully the foxes will move on when the site is more fully used.

e) In addition dog walkers have been seen on the site and dogs have left their deposits. Sadly a reminder sign saying No Dogs has been placed on the gate.

f) The macadam at the entrance has been laid and the vehicular and pedestrian gates installed.

G) Some damaged fencing along the boundary of Stanford Rise has been repaired.

Work still to be completed at the time of writing this report.

h) A more user friendly clasp for the gate is to be installed making it easier for all abilities and ages to open. A hinge is to be fitted to secure the gate to the adjacent post when open. The vehicular gate is to have the bolts welded for security issues.

c. Wild Play NFNPA Grant

a) A meeting has taken place with Suzi Shilling NFNPA Play Officer Rachel Charlton, Cllrs Seacombe and Cripps, to finalise where play items are to be sited. Suzi in conjunction with Rachel will draw up a timetable of when work will commence. However it is hoped that it will be at the end of October TBC.

b) Inspection trainingUnder the grant NFNPA are offering to train someone to carry out weekly/ quarterly inspections of the SR site. We have been informed that the other recipients of this grant are taking up this.

We will need to decide ASAP who is the most appropriate person to carry this function out.

d. Friends of Stanford Rise

a) Following Toby Collyer's (Everton Nursery) kind offer to provide items at trade prices we will shortly be placing an order for fruit trees, stakes and ties and bulbs.

b) Rachel will be pulling together a programme taking all factors mentioned above into consideration and will probably be asking for volunteers mid to end October.

c) It is also intended sow wild flower seeds and plant wildflower plug plants. The clerk has already drawn down £500 from S106 money to cover these costs.

e. Tree works

a) There is considerable dead wood within some of the trees along the boundary of Middle Road and SR. and overhanging branches from two oak trees that require some reduction. John Shuttler Tree Surgeon has been approached to give a quote and carry out the work as a matter or urgency. This is general tree maintenance work so it is not proposed to use S106 funding.

f. Boundary along Middle Road

a) If there is sufficient funding in the Lengthman's scheme we would like to request that the hedge that has become overgrown is cut back. This is to ensure there are clear sight lines from Middle Road through to the Public Open Space. This is to help prevent anti social behaviour.

g. WI Request

A request has been received from the WI to plant a tree on the public open space to mark their 100 anniversary. If this is accepted by SPC then we would like to request that it is a native variety and due to the site not yet completed ie planting and play installation it would seem sensible to plant it within the the area marked on the MoU.


S106 Project Updated 16 June 2017

The images here will be on display at the meeting of Sway Parish Council on Thursday June 22. These are the ideas for the wild play area to be discussed at that council meeting and being proposed by S106 Task and Finish Group. Click on a thumbnail to view full size.

2016-06-16 Stanford Rise - Plan of activity 1 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window 2016-06-16 Stanford Rise - Plan of activity 2 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window 2016-06-16 Stanford Rise - Plan of activity 3 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window 2016-06-16 Stanford Rise - Plan of activity 4 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window 2016-06-16 Stanford Rise - Plan of activity 5 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window 2016-06-16 Stanford Rise - Plan of activity 6 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window 2016-06-16 Stanford Rise - Apophis - the balancing snake Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window


S106 Project Update 11 April 2017

George Farwell intend to start the drainage works 2nd week in May and the work will take between 3-4 weeks to complete.

The Public Open Space will be closed off and any entrances on to the site from adjacent gardens must not be used during the work

Following on from the recent consultation (see below), here is the plan for the path and entrance improvements to Stanford Rise Public Open Space. The National Park Authority have confirmed that it is not necessary to submit a planning application for this, so the next step is to obtain quotations for these works. Click on the thumbnail to view full size.

2017-04-12 Stanford Rise POS plans V2 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

S106 project update for Sway Parish Council Meeting 23 February 2017

Download the latest design thoughts on the layout of Stanford Rise Open Space here adobe icon 2017-02-21 Stanford Rise POS plans V1 [81kb]

Sway Parish Council invite feedback from Sway Residents and User Groups regarding the Sketch Scheme at Stanford Rise Public Open Space.
The design attempts to incorporate the wishes of residents following the public consultation. Planting areas can be adjusted to accommodate best planting conditions. The central area has been left open to accommodate ball games, carnival, events.
Please send your comments whether favourable or with ideas to

Come along to our Parish Council Meetings to learn more and for an opportunity to air your views.


S106 Funding Update 1st January 2017


We are pleased to announced that the contract to drain the site has been awarded to Farwells Ltd.

Due to weather conditions it is not possible to say exactly when work will commence as the site has to be relatively dry before commencement to avoid too much damage to the surrounding area.

Once contractors are on site we respectively ask you not to go on to the site until the work has been completed.

The second phase of the work  will be based on the public consultation results and will include improvements to the entrance, some paths, picnic areas, natural play elements, wildflowers and orchard planting.

Plans will be drawn up incorporating these elements and circulated for costings and approval.

If you wish to have a say in any design or would like to  know more about the Friends of Stanford Rise please contact Cllr. Melanie Seacombe at who can put you in touch with the committee members.

Task and Finish Update August 2016

Progress on  Spending the S106 money is now gathering pace and we are now delighted to report that we are in possession of the plans, bill of quantity and specifications from George Farwell Ltd.

Out of a matter of courtesy David Edwards (SPC Clerk) has advised that we should pass the plans by the legal team at NFDC in relation to the lease we hold with them, David will undertake this on SPC's behalf  however he has advised that we do not need to seek their written approval to go ahead prior to seeking the three quotes required to release the S106 funding.

The task and finish group would therefore like to seek the approval of the Full Council to go ahead with sending the documentation out for three quotes to obtain the best price to carry out the work.

In addition

A meeting has been held with Cllr Seacombe, Rachel Charlton a potential committee member of Stanford Rise Friends Group and Claire Pearce at NFNPA who has National Lottery Grant Funding available under Our Past Our Future.

There is £20k available and it is hope it can be used over three sites in the forest and SR has been ear marked as a potential recipient.

The funding would help to encourage wild play for the 5-11 year olds and could fund installation of fallen trees, logs, wildflowers, orchard planting etc which fits neatly into consultation already received.

The money does not have to be spent this financial year so it was suggested that the drainage works should be completed first before progressing with this.

The task and finish group would therefore like to seek the approval of the Full Council to go ahead with this funding stream.

adobe icon Wildplay Project Summary [236kb].

Plans and documentation are available to view at Clerk's office.

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