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Jubilee Field Pavilion Proposal for Extension

The Trustees of the Sway Social Club funds commissioned an investigation into a possible extension to Sway Jubilee Field Pavilion. When the Social Club closed, their club house was sold for development for somewhere in the region of £500,000. They may wish to offer this money to part fund extension to Sway Jubilee Field Pavilion.


The proposed plans shown on this page were on display on Saturday December 3rd at a public session at Sway Village Hall. The views expressed here are entirely those of the Jubilee Field User Group and should not be assumed to be those of Sway Parish Council. Refer to the Jubilee Field Project Group for details of the Parish Council's deliberations.

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Jubilee Field User Group (JFUG)

The Jubilee Field User Group (JFUG) represents the different user groups based at the Jubilee Field in Sway - Senior Football Club, Junior Football Club, Tennis Club and Cricket Club. Each of these clubs is represented on the JFUG and Sway Parish Council nominates two or three councillors who also attend JFUG meetings.

Jubilee Field Pavilion Proposal for Extension

The Jubilee Field project was initiated by Sway Parish Council in the late 1990s and is an excellent sports facility for a village of Sway's size. However, the layout of the pavilion is not ideal and its usage is severely compromised by its design e.g. there is a major lack of storage space. The Jubilee Field costs a lot to run and opportunities for the Council to let the pavilion and recoup some of these costs are, again, limited.

2016-12-07 Jubilee Fields Pavilion - Existing Plan & Elevations

When Sway Social Club closed, the land on which the club stood was sold and the JFUG was approached by the Trustees of the Social Club, who were looking to identify social/recreational opportunities in the village that they could support with funds raised from the sale.

Original discussions to merge the Village Hall and Jubilee Field facilities into one came to nothing. With the help of Richard Elliott Associates, in the village, plans were drawn up for a facility at the Jubilee Field that would enable the sports clubs to expand and develop, and also provide additional recreational facilities currently lacking in the village.

2016-12-07 Jubilee Fields Pavilion - Proposed Elevations 2016-12-07 Jubilee Fields Pavilion - Proposed Floor Plan 2016-12-07 Jubilee Fields Pavilion - Proposed Roof Plan

The comparison between the existing and proposed layouts can be seen on this plan:

2016-12-07 Jubilee Fields Pavilion - Site Plan & ExistingProposed Comparison


The redevelopment proposals above will provide the village of Sway with an attractive sports and recreational activities centre for all to use. The centre will be fully inclusive and sustainable for a wide range of activities, including a multi-use games area (MUGA). The pavilion will provide the following:

  • An enlarged Activities/Meeting room that will:
    • Provide extra space for the current indoor activities e.g. Pilates, Tai Chi, Parish Council, rehab. classes etc.;
    • Give the potential to increase the range of activities that can be supported e.g. indoor wheelchair and disabled sports, carpet bowls etc.;
    • Give the opportunity to encourage indoor activities for disabled and dementia sufferers;
    • Provide extra space; that and the use of temporary partitions will give the Parish Council a much more flexible and attractive area for meetings, with additional hiring potential;
    • Allow improved income opportunities for the Parish Council.
  • The Village clubroom will accommodate pool, darts, cards, board games and other traditional games.
    •  A bar and catering facilities will be available for all to use when open;
    • The Village Club Room will also be available for hire, increasing the Parish Council's income potential.
  • The Tennis clubroom will:
    • Provide village children with coaching facilities regardless of the weather;
    • Provide a social space for all local and visiting tennis players to meet;
    • Increase Parish Council income through additional rent from the Tennis Club.
  • Provide the vitally important storage areas needed by all the clubs.

The proposed redevelopment at the Jubilee Field will provide Sway village with an attractive recreational/sports facility that will be fully inclusive and more sustainable. Together, the MUGA and pavilion developments will help to attract other sports and activities to the centre. It will provide a lasting legacy to promote and enhance health and well being of the whole community.

To accommodate the anticipated extra usage of the Jubilee Field, additional car parking will be needed and the JFUG would propose to provide this on land next to the existing football stand.

The Cricket Club and Junior Football Club have made extensive improvements to the old cricket pavilion, much of it using volunteer labour. However, they still require additional financial help to complete the refurbishment of the existing cricket pavilion and provide their members with a safe and pleasant pitch-side environment for cricket and junior football players.

The proposed plans shown on this page were on display on Saturday December 3rd at a public session at Sway Village Hall and the Jubilee Field User Group wishes to thank all the Villagers who came along to give their feedback on these proposals.

Please note that the above text is entirely the view of the Jubilee Field User Group and that Sway Parish Council have not yet given any opinion either way on any of the ideas expressed.