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This is a brief summary of those news items that are more than 6 months old.

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22 December 2016 For those who haven't noticed, the long awaited closure of Crabbswood Lane between its junction with B3055 Arnewood Bridge Road and its junction with Middle Road is now from 4 January 2017 for 12 weeks. Alt Route from the northern point of closure west via Middle Road to its junction with  Wootton Road; southeast via Wootton Road to its junction with Arnewood Bridge Road; east via Arnewood Bridge Road to the southern point of closure and vice versa. We believe that this is for works on the railway bridge.2016-12-22 Crabbswood Lane
21 December 2016 Something to add to your brand new 2017 diary! If you have any concerns about policing in our local area, come along to this session being held by Michael Lane, Hampshire's Police and Crime Commissioner on Saturday 11 February 2017 09:00 - 16:00 at New Forest Outdoor Centre, Minstead Manor Estate, Emery Down, SO43 7GA. It is free but you do need to pre-book. Click on the thumbnail opposite for further details.2017-02-11 PCC Rural Conference
19 December 2016 New Forest District Council's Electoral Administrator has confirmed that as they have not received requests from ten electors for an election to take place, Sway Parish Council should now co-opt a member to serve on the Council. Select here for more information.Sway Parish Council logo

19 December 2016 Feedback from the police regarding our final Community SpeedWatch of 2016 (see 3 December below) means that the grand totals for 2016 are as follows:

Total letters sent = 2,273
Number letter 1 = 2,092
Number letter 2 = 181
Number 3 or more = 35
Number excessive speed = 10

30 mph sign
17 December 2016 The New Tractor is looking good. Replacing one that was several years old, it's book price was over £20,000 plus VAT. With generous discount and part exchange, the eventual cost including VAT came to £12,850. This has been paid out of Parish Council reserves. See the Parish Council meeting minutes for adobe icon October 2016 [3Mb] and the adobe icon PC Payment Schedule November 2016 [13kb].2016-12-15 New Tractor
17 December 2016 New Parking bays at Set Thorns Road are also looking good. Hopefully a very welcome addition to the area. Well Done New Forest District Council! This was done in response to a complaint received in February 2016 about the state of the verges. See the Parish Council meeting minutes for adobe icon February [324kb] and adobe icon March 2016 [315kb] for further details.2016-12-17 new parking at Set Thorns Rd 1 2016-12-17 new parking at Set Thorns Rd 2

17 December 2016 Not looking quite so good is the amount of dogs' mess there is around the area. This is the sort of Christmas present that nobody likes to encounter. In the past 9 months, one person has discovered and disposed of 109 dog poo bags discarded by irresponsible dog walkers in car parks and out on the forest close to Sway, and some were even within Sway Village itself. Wherever your dog performs, you must bag it and bin it. It can be placed in any litter bin in the village or those in the forest car parks. If there is no bin available, then you must take it away with you. You can dispose of it in your household waste. It is simply not acceptable to leave it for others to encounter either within or without a bag.

And please remember, dogs are not allowed anywhere on Jubilee Field, or on Stanford Rise Recreation ground. Both of these areas are strictly DOG FREE ZONES.

2016-12-17 9 months in and total 109 averaging 12 a month.
16 December 2016 Sway Parish Council meeting last night - a few seconds of the adobe icon minutes [3Mb]. No request for election so co-option process will start. All interested in becoming a Parish Councillor please Contact Us. Should Sway be involved in the Great British Spring Clean? Reconfirmed Sway has no need for a phone box defibrillator. Set Thorns Rd parking area works completed last week. New tractor arrived Wednesday. Budget 3 yr plan deferred till next month. Next yrs budget approved. Precept for next yr will increase by £1,254 (£0.69 pa for Band D council tax). MUGA may be part funded with £60k from Social Club Funds (to be confirmed) and £10k from Council (£5k from S106 and £5k from reserves to be on PC agenda for next month). Also possibly Social Club could loan shortfall to the MUGA project, but not sure who would repay it. Application to fell 26 trees at Lepe House to be assessed by tree officer and recommendation reviewed by PaTC via email next week. Potential future projects to be considered at Annual meeting.Sway Parish Council logo
9th December 2016 Cllrs Thomas and Marchant attended 2nd CSW focus group meeting where 7 delegates invited from all of Hampshire discussed future direction of Community SpeedWatch with Police Support personnel led by 2140 Chief Superintendent Richard John. A surprisingly large number of issues relevant to New Forest area were covered. Some will require further investigation over the next months. Although Sway constitutes just 1% of all SpeedWatch in Hampshire and IoW, it comprises one of the most active and effective groups in the county. Anyone who wants to join us can email Information Card Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
8th December 2016 Sway Planning and Transport Committee - a few seconds of the adobe icon Minutes [3Mb]. Last minute Lepe House application to remove 25 trees deferred to PC meeting next week. 16/00874 Mill Lane Field Shelter 5, 16/00940 Sway House Cottage 1, 16/00910 Old School House 4, 16/00958 Sway Youth Centre 3, 16/00949 Plovers 2, 16/00957 Agrumi 1. Enforcement - 4 resolved, 3 added. Cango passenger numbers more encouraging. Response re HCC's verge cutting regime with HIWWT input to be sent. Vegetation cutting list agreed - footpaths 2,6,7,11,12. CSW reports for December and the year show Sway punches well above weight but more volunteers needed. No additional action proposed as yet re CHOC23 against NFNPA Local Plan proposal for fields off Church Lane. Advance notice of possible thoughts for Sway Bowmen clubhouse.Sway Parish Council logo
7th December 2016 Jubilee Field Pavilion proposals as displayed at the public consultation session last Saturday December 3rd can now be seen on this website. Click here or on the thumbnail opposite to view the plans.2016-12-07 Jubilee Fields Pavilion - Site Plan & ExistingProposed Comparison
6th December 2016 The following notice applies to ALL who keep birds - not just the farms.

AVIAN FLU Prevention Zone declared on 6 December 2016.

ALL owners of poultry and any other birds must follow new prevention measures from now until January 6th 2017.

An Avian Influenza Prevention Zone declaration (PDF, 157KB, 2 pages) was declared by Defra on 6 December 2016. This means extra biosecurity measures for all poultry and captive birds to protect them from the risk from wild birds. The zone covers the whole of England and will remain in place for 30 days (until 6 January). logo
4th December 2016 Friends of Sway Village Hall have kindly provided us with copies of their presentation material from the consultation session yesterday. Click here or on the image opposite to view this.36166 Sway Presentation Board 1 forSPC
4th December 2016 Is the School park and stride initiative working? Too often while driving through Sway in the afternoon around School pickup time I have noted a whole line of cars parked on Station Road from the Youth Centre all the way along to Jubilee Field. At the same time, Jubilee Field car park has had 40 or so empty parking spaces - more than ample. If the cars have been left on Station Road by parents picking up their kids, why not use the car park? Parking on Station Road restricts sight lines for those driving and any crossing the road. Using the car park adds a few extra yards to your walk. Comments please to Walking bus Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
3 December 2016 What a busy day! A large crowd attended the final highlight - the switching on of the Christmas Tree Lights. St Luke's choir were absolutely amazing and enchanting. The Salvation Army Band led the Carol Singing and Father Christmas put in a welcome appearance.2016-12-03 Christmas Lights switch-on

3 December 2016 An estimated 150 people came to Sway Village Hall today to learn about latest thoughts on possible plans for Jubilee Field Pavilion and for Sway Village Hall. Organised by Ian Gale and the trustees of the former Social Club, each of the user groups were represented. There was considerable lively discussion and a simple paper survey form asking for opinions on the 3 main proposals; the MUGA, The JF Pavilion extension and the Village Hall extension. We hope soon to be able to display all the latest plans on this website.

We should point out that contrary to some expectations, Sway Parish Council have no say at all in how the Sway Social Club trustees may choose to spend their money.

2016-12-03 Village Hall & JFP extension consultation

3 December 2016 End of another week of Community SpeedWatch and our last of 2016. We need more volunteers. If anybody is interested in helping us improve road safety around the Parish of Sway, please make contact. You can do this by emailing or via the Parish Clerk.

This month we sent details of 128 speeding vehicles to the police. The highest speed recorded was 49 mph on Brighton Road. Pitmore Lane North surveyed in the opposite direction from usual has far too many people speeding. This is particularly worrying given the sensitive nature of the location on open forest with animals grazing. Really people, if you won't slow down for other people, at least do so for the sake of the free roaming New Forest animals. They have right of way.

19 December 2016 update. Feedback from the police. None of the records submitted were rejected so 128 letters were generated: 112 first time, 13 second time and 3 personally delivered to third time or more offenders.

SID Dec 2015
3 December 2016 The final leaf cleanup bagged 2 sacks full at the Village Hall and a third courtesy of Ian Gale at Westbeams Road. Hopefully most of the trees have now shed their shedloads!2016-12-03 The leaves cleared up in Sway
26 November 2016 Second of three leaf cleanup sessions in the village saw 8 volunteers collect 5 big builder's sacks of leaves. A further 4 large black refuse sacks were collected by Hair Sway. There are still a few more leaves on the trees so next Saturday's session will go ahead starting at 10am if anyone wishes to join us. We will start around the Village Hall and a later group will do the section between Hair Sway and the Silver Hind.2016-11-26 cleanup crew
25 November 2016 Apologies to all our Facebook followers but we have had to move our Facebook page. You will now find us at Sway_PC. Please visit us and "like" us all over again!Sway Parish Council logo
24 November 2016 Sway Parish Council meeting - a few seconds of the adobe icon minutes [4Mb]. Anita Gresham-Hale resigned. No mention of devolution in Chancellor's Autumn Statement. JF gate to be repaired at Coach Companies expense. JFP carpets - clean when weather improves. Allotment hedges to be trimmed. JFP expansion to be trimmed (see 3rd Dec). MUGA to be looked at again if S106 funds permit - 2 or more Cllrs to help JFUG create proposal. JFP alcohol license to be extended 9am-9pm 7 days/wk - SPC to oversee usage - voted 5 for with 4 abstentions. Dogs still fouling JF - more DOG FREE ZONE signage to be trialled. Moles to be caught. 3yr budget forecast to be approved next month. Switch electricity supplier. Nobody present supported adoption of red telephone box. SPC facebook page to be administered by clerk and infoWG. Parking problems - nothing more SPC can do - residents and businesses themselves need to help. Farwell to do Stanford Rise drainage when S106 moneys released. Might be as many as 4 Sway applications at next month's NPA PDCC. Sway providing 2 (of the 7) delegates at Hampshire Constabulary CSW focus mtg next month. Cango needs better publicity. Next SPC meeting 1 week earlier than normal on 15th December.Sway Parish Council logo

23 November 2016 Sway Parish Council submitted their response to the NFNPA draft local plan today. The response can be seen adobe icon here. [76kb]

Please note that the deadline for responses is 28th November. Make your views known.

Sway Parish Council logo
21 November 2016 Those with properties adjacent to or within the New Forest Perambulation need to be familiar with the information provided by the Forestry Commission on their web page The guidelines on that page are for property owners and those living in the New Forest who have direct access to Forestry Commission land.Forestry Commission Logo
20 November 2016 Overnight on the 8th/9th March we had around the same amount of rainfall as fell last night. Photographs taken then and again today appear to indicate that the flooding at Arnewood Bridge is a little less now than it was back in March. Could this be an early indication of the efficacy of the work completed so far at the Wootton Riverine Wetland Restoration? Read more on our Wootton Riverine Restoration page.2016-11-20 and 2016-03-09 Comparison of flooding at Arnewood Bridge Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
20 November 2016 Storm Angus hit the area quite hard yesterday. It certainly has taken most of the leaves off the trees locally so next weekend's cleanup session should be quite productive! If anyone has any photographs of the aftermath they would like to share, please send them to Aftermath of Storm Angus
19 November 2016 The first of probably 3 cleanup sessions of Sway Village this year saw 7 volunteers clearing leaves from the Village centre and around the Village Hall. Starting in almost darkness at 7am, they worked in eventually glorious sunshine to clear up the debris of Autumn in order to make the pavements safer for everyone. Over 2 trailer loads of leaves were collected and there are more still to come. If anyone would like to help us out on the next couple of Saturdays (weather permitting) please contact Ted Watts.2016-11-19 first sweep of Sway Village Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
13 November 2016 The Annual Remembrance Day Service at St Luke's Church and Parade at the War Memorial was again very well attended. Under a cloudless sky the large congregation observed the two minutes silence before wreaths were laid around the memorial which is one of very few situated on open forest land. For further information about this memorial refer to the Imperial War Museums website which can be accessed by clicking on these pictures.
Information there © IWM (WMR-40545).
2016-11-13 War memorial 2016-11-13 War memorial wreaths
10 November 2016 Sway Planning and Transport Committee - a few seconds of the adobe icon Minutes [4Mb]. Large number of applications and people. Clerk to send Feedback on Mass Cycling events to NFDC SAG. Agricultural tie removed on Merrifield. Coombe Grange "Starter Homes" granted. Old School further extensions refused. No new TPOs on land to North of JF at present. Planning Application recommendations: 16/00830 Hunters Folly 5, 16/00842 Silver Hind 4, 16/00879 Claywood House 1, 16/00886 rear of 37&38 Set Thorns Rd 4, 16/00811 Land E of Woodside Shirley Holmes 3, 16/00832 Marlins Cottage 1, 16/00797 The Foxes 2, 16/00696 Land Rear of Toby Cottage 4, 16/00861 The Swallows 5, 16/00849 Plovers 1, Old School House 4, 16/00923 Dennet House 2. NFNPA draft plan consultation ends 28 Nov - considerable local interest. Cango underused - USE IT OR LOSE IT! CSW smaller numbers recorded as can't survey evening rush hour. Badgers Close to Scout Hut footpath will be closed for drainage works 25-29 Nov. Sway Parish Council logo

5th November 2016 End of another week of Community SpeedWatch. With the shorter daylight hours we are unable to cover the rush hour traffic in the evening. We also operated fewer sessions owing to a shortage of available volunteers. If anybody is interested in helping us improve road safety around the Parish of Sway, please make contact. You can do this by email at or via the Parish Clerk.

This month we sent details of 102 speeding vehicles to the police. The highest speed recorded was 46 mph - a great improvement on previous months. Other good news is that Pitmore Lane near North Common Lane junction appears to have reverted back to normal although there are still too many people speeding.

15th November update Feedback from the police. 99 letters were generated. 81 first timers, 16 second timers and 2 escalated for personal attention as caught 3 times or more.

SID Dec 2015
2 November 2016 The NFNPA Draft Local Plan consultation drop-in session at Sway Village Hall was extremely well attended. Executive Director (Strategy and Planning) Steve Avery, Planning Policy Manager David Illsley and several senior planning officers from the NPA very ably fielded numerous questions over several hours. Many Sway Parish Councillors attended both to raise questions of their own and answer many from the general public on a variety of issues - not just associated with the plan. The general consensus seems to be that there will need to be considerable improvements to local infrastructure (Church Lane congestion, drainage and sewage in particular) before any building should commence. Also the desperate need for proper affordable housing must be fully addressed in the plan. Sway Parish Council will be formulating its response over the next week or so. It is important that as many Sway residents as possible should also make their views known. See the National Park Authority web page for details of the plan and how to submit your responses.2016-11-02 NFNPA Draft local plan drop in session
31 October 2016 The AGM and Public meeting of the Sway Welfare Aid Group this evening was very well attended. The five trustees and many volunteers do a wonderful job providing transport for hospital and medical appointments, Emergency financial grants, grants for additional heating and a twice monthly Lunch Club for those living alone. SWAG can be contacted on 01590 681 500. More volunteers are always welcomed.SWAG poster Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

30 October 2016 Following the survey period at the beginning of October, FoSVH have now analysed and drawn conclusions from the data. A Brief for the chosen architect has been compiled. The architect will be engaged on Monday 31 October and will then begin work on a Concept Design for the Village Hall upgrade proposal in preparation for the Public Consultation Day on 3 December, which is being organized by Ian Gale and the Trustees of the former Social Club. The Public Consultation Day will be held at Sway Village Hall. 

FoSVH look forward to seeing many Sway villagers at their Presentation to the Public Meeting and thank you for your continuing support. 

2016-10-02 Launch of Sway Village Hall public consultation
30th October 2016 New alternative plans for Jubilee Field Pavilion have been created by the trustees of the former Sway Social Club. These are expected to be presented at the public meeting at Sway Village Hall on December 3rdJubilee Field Pavilion

28 October 2016 In the first 8 months of 2016, 19 ponies, 3 cows and 3 donkeys have died as a result of road traffic accidents. 6 accidents were hit and run.

Can you help with information about the following? If so, please call the police on 101 or the Verderers office on 023 8028 2052.Police reference number is 194 of 28/10/16.

Sometime last night a pony was struck by a motor vehicle on Burley Road Brockenhurst. The driver did not report the incident. The pony suffered 2 broken legs and was not found until hours later this morning. No vehicle parts were found at the scene which suggests that it may have been a larger vehicle, possibly an HGV, which hit the pony. For full details read this message on the Verderers website.

2016-10-28 Verderers website pony hit and run Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window 2016-10-27 pony hit and run Burley Rd Brockenhurst Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
28 October 2016 Sway in the News this week - Lymington Times Page 22. Interesting article on Andrew Thomas Turton Peterson, a personage from all accounts as unique as his renowned creation nowadays referred to as "Sway Tower" which to this day is depicted in our Parish Council LOGO.2016-10-28 A&T on Peterson s Sway Parish Council logo

28 October 2016. What should we do with our red telephone box? BT are undertaking a cost cutting scheme to remove a number of phone boxes across the New Forest National Park, including the traditional red phone box at Setthorns Road. There is an 'Adopt a Kiosk' programme that allows groups or parishes to purchase a phone box for £1 and then convert it into something of local interest/value.
For information have a look at this website:

There have been several successful adoptions of kiosks across the New Forest including at Emery Down, Bramshaw and Lyndhurst. The Lymington Times this week has an article about Brockenhurst investigating this as well.

Should Sway Parish Council consider adopting the red phone box at Setthorns and if so what would it be used for? Are there any volunteers to help look after it?  Should it be moved?  Will it be a liability to the parish? What are your thoughts? Email us at

This item will be discussed at the November Full Council Meeting on 24th November at 7:30pm.   We would like to know what our residents think. Why not come along then and let us know or at least email us at

Setthorns Road Phone Box Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window Setthorns Road Phone Box inside Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

27 October Sway Parish Council Meeting - a few seconds of the adobe icon Minutes [3Mb]. Two number112's in last month's minutes! Everton recycling hours will come in line with rest of Hampshire. Climbing frame back in full use again. JF gate post damaged by coach. Sway village congestion working party unanimously decided on walking bus solution and parents are doing this. New dog bin on Manchester Rd still being negotiated. Setthorns Rd Red Phone Box to be removed - do we want to adopt? (Decision postponed to next meeting see above). Small increase in allotments rental agreed. Monthly payment schedule to be published with appropriate redactions regarding salaries. New tractor agreed. S106 work tenders close tomorrow and decision on contractor to be made probably next week. Everyone strongly urged to attend NFNPA draft local plan drop-in public consultation Wednesday 2nd Nov 2pm-7:30pm at Village Hall. Member of public spoke eloquently about this and wondered if Sway has sufficient infrastructure to support. adobe icon Info working group presented report on past year's work [81kb]. Sway village parking issues to be on Agenda next month - so anyone who has a view on this or red phone boxes please come along next month.

Sway Parish Council logo
26 October 2016 Here's a very useful and informative resource. It's an interactive map with selectable layers that shows everything you wanted to know about proposed development in the NFDC and NFNPA local plans. It also allows you to see the extent of SSSI and other designated protected areas in the New Forest. I have also linked to this from our Defined Village and Sway Parish map pages. Many thanks to the New Forest Association for permission to use this.New Forest Association Interactive Map
21 October 2016 Sway in the News this week. Article in Lymington Times page 13: "The first application under new government legislation to build two starter homes as affordable properties in the Forest - with a price tag of £250,000 each - have been approved by national park authority planners.....". Click on the thumbnails opposite for further details.2016-10-21 A&T Coombe Grange Starter Homes Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window 2016-09-24 A&T Coombe Grange Starter Homes Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

19 October 2016 Survey on the future of Sway Village Hall is now closed. Friends of Sway Village Hall greatly appreciate the support given by villagers in answering their recent Village Hall survey. They collected the boxes from around the village 2 days earlier than previously intended because they have to wrap up the analysis and write the brief for an architect. They begin screening a number of possibles on Friday 21st October. Keep checking back here for more news.

2016-10-02 Launch of Sway Village Hall public consultation
19 October 2016 The children's playground at Jubilee Field has reopened. A big thank you to all of those residents of Sway who took the trouble to tell us about the broken climbing frame in the first place. Unfortunately, repairing the climbing frame proved a bigger challenge than we had anticipated. It was originally installed in 2007 so the first challenge was to identify the manufacturer who turned out to be based in Cumbria! Despite our pleas, they couldn't deal with it for several weeks. We didn't feel we could take the risk of leaving the playground open until the climbing frame was repaired so sadly we decided to close it until the repairs could be carried out. Playdale Playgrounds came at 7:00 this morning to repair the climbing frame and we are delighted to say that it is now back in action and the playground has reopened.Jubilee Fields Children's Play Area

16 October 2016 Information from Hampshire Constabulary in a newsletter to all SpeedWatch groups in Hampshire and the IOW.
CSW - Current Position - we currently have 93 groups with 818 CSW volunteers completing activity around the two Counties.  Since February 2016 we have sent out 10,720 letters; 236 incidents have been escalated for further action; and 2451 have been rejected for reasons such as no trace or mis-match on PNC. 

Sway Community SpeedWatch have put sterling effort into this initiative as the statistics displayed on our web page bear out.

SID Dec 2015
14 October 2016 Excellent article in the Lymington Times about how St Luke's School are attempting to combat the problems of congestion in the village at school run times by encouraging the children to walk to school, and for those outside the village to use Jubilee Field car park as a drop off zone for a walking bus to school. Way to go St Luke's! Keep on trekking! In a newsletter and on their website they are asking all families to make use of the park and stride facilities at the Jubilee Fields, the Manor at Sway and outside Janet Kirk Floral Designs, in front of the Forest Heath Flats. We thank the Parish Council, local businesses, the Manor at Sway and Janet Kirk Floral Designs for fully supporting this scheme.2016-10-14 Walking bus Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
13 October 2016 Sway Planning and Transport Committee - a few seconds of the adobe icon Minutes [5Mb]. Try to get TPOs on land to North of JF. Coombe Grange and Old School at PDCC next Tuesday (Cllr Marchant recused from former as due to speak at PDCC on behalf of residents and NFA). Feedback on Mass Cycling events to be sent to NFDC SAG. Cango meeting required. Where should Lengthsman work? CSW shows greater speeding on resurfaced roads. HCC response on verges disappointing and to be followed up.Sway Parish Council logo

8 October 2016 End of another week of Speedwatch where we sent details of 254 speeding vehicles to the police. One was recorded at 50mph along B3055 at Arnewood Bridge. The most worrying trend is the increase in speeding along Pitmore Lane near North Common Lane junction. It appears the new road surface may have encouraged more speeding. We will certainly be watching this very closely in future.

24 October 2016 Update from Hampshire Constabulary. 251 letters sent (34 second timers). 10 escalated as caught 3 times or more. 1 escalated for excessive speed.

SID Dec 2015
2 October 2016 The launch of the Sway Village Hall public consultation survey today was somewhat quiet. This is a very important survey. If you care for your Village Hall, please make certain that you have your say. The survey can be completed online at or paper survey forms can be picked up at the Village Hall and other locations around the village. You will also find them outside Sway Newsagents over the next 2 weekends. More details here.2016-10-02 Launch of Sway Village Hall public consultation
29 September 2016 New Forest National Park Authority draft local plan can be downloaded here. This draft plan which covers development over the next 20 years or so is open to public consultation. There will be a public session on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 in Sway Village Hall from 2:30-7:30pm. The consultation on this draft Local Plan will run from 03 October to 28 November 2016.New Forest National Park Authority NFNPA logo
28 September 2016 Last year a group of volunteers ventured forth to clean the footpaths in the village centre. This year it is hoped to do the same in two sessions. First to clean up the leaves in the centre of the village, and secondly to walk the country lanes in Sway when the foliage has died down and the litter hidden in the summer is revealed for the winter. The first sweep is likely to be on a Saturday morning between around 8am and 10am. If you are interested in helping, please contact Ted Watts.rubbish
28 September 2016 From April next year, the Efford Waste Recycling Centre hours are to be extended to be in line with the other HWRC sites in Hampshire. Opening times will still be 1 hour later than previously but in the summer, Efford will close at 6pm instead of 4:30pm. Well done to everyone who has responded on this issue. Your views have been heard. Full details here.HCC logo
28 September 2016 Wootton Riverine Wetland Restoration latest status. Briefly, work has had to stop for this year owing to the saturated ground conditions. They have successfully completed around two thirds of Phase 1 and intend to resume work next summer.  Much of the machinery has already been moved off site.2016-09-23 Status of Project Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

26 September 2016 A new group has formed in Sway called 'Friends of Sway Village Hall'. They are putting out a survey to all residents of Sway and users of the Village Hall, if not resident in Sway. What would you like to use an upgraded community village hall for?

Click here for more information.

Sway Village Hall Sign
26 September 2016 It is a shame but we have had to temporarily close the Children's Play Park at Jubilee Field because someone removed the danger notices and barrier tape from the broken climbing frame. The play park will reopen as soon as the climbing frame has been repaired. We hope this will be before 21st October.2016-09-23 Climbing equipment Jubilee Field

25 September 2016 Wiggle New Forest 100 Sportive brought around 3,500 cyclists through Sway over the weekend. Full details of this can be downloaded from here adobe icon 2016-09-21 Wiggle NF 100 details [1Mb]. Despite the lack of notice and course marshals, all seemed to go reasonably smoothly. If anyone has any feedback they wish to submit, please follow the links from the NFDC Safety Advisory Group website.

Wiggle Shirley Holmes 2014
23 September 2016 For the Wootton Riverine project phase 1 latest unofficial status, please click here. The work that has been completed so far is very impressive. It's well worth a visit to the restored meanders (in the area circled in green opposite) to see what the Victorians sacrificed in their attempts to speed the rate at which the area drained. The project has however fallen behind schedule and is still only about 50% complete with just 1 week left. We hope to get further news of the proposed actions sometime next week.2016-09-23 Status of Project Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

22 September 2016 Sway Parish Council Meeting - a few seconds of the adobe icon minutes [2Mb]. SRiSF to fully fund 2 defibrillators for 1st responders, Quotes for replacement Tractor to be sought, NFDC to review recycling points, JF climbing frame closed for repairs, Allotment rent review, New financial regulations, JFP alcohol license to be reviewed, JF dog walking ban to be publicised wider, Ask NFDC for dog poo bin on Manchester Rd by forest gate nr Bridge, B3055 by war memorial to be closed for 1 hr around 11am on Nov 13th.

Also a date for your diaries - Saturday 3rd December believed to be when the latest ideas for a redesign of Jubilee Field Pavilion will be unveiled at a public meeting. Further details will be found here when we know them.

Sway Parish Council logo

21 September 2016 We have just been informed that due to a last minute change of plans, this Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September, Wiggle New Forest 100 Sportive will be coming through Sway. Around 2,000 people will be cycling along the B3055 from Bashley to Brockenhurst between approximately 9am and 1pm on each day. Please take appropriate measures to avoid being affected by this and everyone PLEASE drive or cycle carefully, within the speed limit and show proper consideration to all the other road users - human and animals.

Select for full Details and Map.

Wiggle sign 1 week later Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

20 September 2016 The climbing frame at Jubilee Field has been closed for repairs. We are arranging for these to be undertaken as a matter of urgency but in the meantime the climbing frame should not be used. Today someone removed the warning notices and barrier tape from the climbing frame. This is dangerous and also a criminal offence. The police have been advised and the area is also monitored by CCTV cameras.

2016-09-23 Climbing equipment Jubilee Field

11 September 2016 Fantastic weather for the New Forest Marathon. A bit muddy in places but the temporary footbridge was brilliant. Click on the thumbnail opposite to see some memories of a really enjoyable day. Lots of Sway residents volunteered to help with the marshaling. Also grateful thanks to the volunteers from Hampshire Search and Rescue for being so helpful and entertaining. And Well Done Everyone who took part. It was a truly wonderful day. Looking forward to next year's!

14 Sept update - Chris Farr, the co-organiser of the New Forest Marathon, emailed the following:
I would like to thank-you for your amazing support with this years event along with all the other volunteers in Sway. ... It's this very culture of the community pulling together around the event that we have been trying to stimulate which doesn't only bring amazing moments like this but also support through funding of projects within it to further inspire others. Can you pass my thanks onto all the other volunteers as well as we have had such amazing feedback from everyone on social media, emails, phone calls and meeting those involved. We finally got cleared up and all kit into storage late last night so am planning to tie up all the post event loose ends and then will be in touch regarding the Community Fund etc. Thanks again and catch up soon

New Forest Marathon 2016 montage Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
10 September 2016 Everything set for the New Forest Marathon tomorrow, including a fantastic footbridge spanning Avon Water in Wootton Coppice Inclosure. What a pity this is only a temporary structure and will be gone next week!2016-09-10 Marathon Bridge

10 September 2016 End of another week of Speedwatch where we sent details of 247 speeding vehicles to the police. One was recorded at 51mph along Pitmore Lane. Although at first sight these figures appear better than in previous months, this was over a shorter period of time than usual. The statistics actually show that a higher percentage of drivers are exceeding the 30mph speed limit. This is a worrying trend that we hope will not continue.

Update 3rd October 2016 - 235 letters were sent out, plus 9 will have received a personal delivery by a the Police:  1 because of excessive speed, and 8 through being caught three or more times this year.

SID Dec 2015
8 September 2016 Sway Planning and Transport Committee - a few seconds of the adobe icon Minutes [90kb]. Concern over NFDC plan for 1500 new homes to the South of Sway. Lots of inappropriate parking. Clerk to write re verge usage for advertising. Coombe Grange and Lyndale to go to PDCC (Cllr Marchant recused as will represent residents and NFA re Coombe Grange). CSW continues to show persistent speeding. Police to be asked to conduct own speedchecks.Sway Parish Council logo
31 August 2016 The start of the football match on Saturday was delayed because of dog mess on the pitch. Please everyone - Jubilee Field and Stanford Rise open space are dog free areas. The only dogs allowed on them are guide dogs. Please be responsible dog walkers.2016-08-31 montage of some of the dog poo bags found discarded over the past months
31 August 2016 The Annual Audit was completed on 1st August. Click on the thumbnail opposite for details.2016-08-31 Notice of Conclusion of Audit Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
25 August 2016 Sway Parish Council Meeting - a few seconds of the adobe icon minutes [3Mb] (and you can also listen to the 1 hr 36 mins and 44 seconds here): Sway Village Congestion - no Cango, adobe icon Planned changes to Hampshire Waste Recycling Centres [606kb], Funding request for Sway Community Responder Kit 50-50 with SWAG and SRiSF, Agree in principle to Trade in the Tractor, Jubilee Field Pavilion project proposals, Stanford Rise Project update and approval in principal to seek lottery funding for wild play area. In AOB there was also mention of the Serving Hampshire consultation in which all are invited to participate.Sway Parish Council logo
15 August 2016 Advance warning of closure of Crabbswood Lane from 14th November 2016 for 15 weeks for safety improvement works at the rail bridge. Click on thumbnail opposite to view detour.2016-11-14 Crabbswood Lane Closure detour Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
13 August 2016 Wootton Riverine Restoration Project Status update as observed by a lay person. Checkout the latest on our webpage. All works currently appear to be at the Western end of the project.Wootton Riverine Wetland Restoration map

13 August 2016 End of another week of Sway Community Speedwatch where we sent details of 264 speeding vehicles to the police. One was recorded at 61mph along Brighton Road, and another 3 were recorded elsewhere at over 50mph. Driving at such high speeds through 30mph residential areas is reckless and wholly unacceptable. We hope that the perpetrators will be more cautious in future after receiving personal visits from the police delivering their letters. Speedwatch is all about education, not prosecution and there is a lot of educating still to do!

Update 30th August 2016 249 letters were sent out, plus 7 will have received a personal delivery by a the Police:  4 because of excessive speed, and 3 through being caught three or more times this year.

SID Dec 2015
11 August 2016 At the Planning and Transport Committee meeting this evening, the clerk reported news regarding the potential use of the Cango bus to ferry children from Jubilee Field car park to St Luke's School. The School Transport Manager has carried out an inspection at St Luke's and decided that the bus cannot turn around there and it would be dangerous for it to reverse there. So as far as we know that idea will not go ahead now and we are not aware of any alternative proposals. Maybe we could get back to the idea of the children walking the short distance from Jubilee Field car park to school in a walking bus? Click here for more information or on the thumbnail opposite to access the Sway Village Congestion Project web page.Sway Village Congestion Project banner small
11 August 2016 Sway Planning and Transport Committee - a few seconds of the adobe icon Minutes [4Mb]. Many members of public interested in planning applications for Fyre Stychen and Coombe Grange. NFDC will be asked to install new dog bin by gate next to rail bridge on Manchester Rd. Clerk will write to HCC regarding road verge maintenance. HCC propose to put sign on Pitmore Lane saying unsuitable for HGVs.  Sway Parish Council logo
4 Aug 2016 There has been a lot happening around the Wootton Riverine Restoration and the closure of Station Road (the planned HGV route). As a consequence, we have added a new web page devoted to providing the latest news about this project. Click on this link to access that new page.Wootton Riverine Wetland Restoration map
1 Aug 2016 Beware around Wootton Bridge. Riverine works have just started and Hampshire Highways have closed the route they should be using for HGV movements. Now lots more traffic detouring over Wootton Bridge itself and encountering riverine works traffic. Take extra care.2016-08-01 Wootton Riverine works 1 2016-08-01 Station Rd closed
31 July 2016 This month's news in pictures includes Lady Ann and her big brother Charlie B, Sway Carnival Procession and Fete, and Wootton Riverine where the restoration works have not yet started. The New Forest Show was also on this month but sadly I have no pictures!2016-07 News in pictures Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
29 July 2016 Spotted travelling along Pitmore Lane this morning, this lovely Burrell General Purpose Steam Traction Engine "Charlie B". Absolutely Fabulous!2016-07-29 Steam Engine Pitmore Lane
23 July 2016 The New Forest Marathon organisers presented their plans at last Thursday's meeting of Sway Parish Council. On Sunday 11th September, competitors in the full marathon will be running through the centre of Sway. The full route and details of all their events can be found on their website at Click on a thumbnail opposite to view the route as it affects the Sway area or to see the complete full marathon route, adobe icon or download the complete route here [3Mb]. You can also adobe icon download the road closure notification list here [56kb] and adobe icon specific information for Sway residents [1Mb].New Forest Marathon 2016 map around Sway Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window New Forest Marathon 2016 full marathon map Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
22 July 2016 The following notice has been on our home page for the past few weeks. The statutory period for this has now expired, but much of the information will remain available on this website


Sway Parish Council's annual return needs to be reviewed by an external auditor appointed by Public Sector Audit Appointments Limited. Any person interested has the right to inspect the accounting records for the financial year to which the audit relates and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts and other documents relating to those records or documents.

These documents for Sway Parish Council are to be made available on reasonable notice by application between the hours of 10am and 12 noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (excluding public holidays).

Commencing on 13 June 2016 and ending on 22 July 2016

(Full details of your rights in relation to this Annual Return can be found by clicking here)

Sway Parish Council logo
22 July 2016 At last night's meeting of Sway Parish Council, preliminary plans for a major redevelopment of the Jubilee Field Pavilion were presented to the council by representatives of the Jubilee Field User Group. Discussions are currently ongoing so plans are incomplete and nothing has yet been decided, but the current thoughts can be seen in these PDF files:

adobe icon Jubilee Field Pavilion Draft Proposal V2 ground floor plan [203kb]
adobe icon Jubilee Field Pavilion Draft Proposal V2 first floor plan [190kb]

Jubilee Fields Pavilion
 21 July 2016 Sway Parish Council Meeting - a few seconds of the adobe icon Minutes [3Mb]. Hampshire County Cllr Ken Thornber advised that cutbacks mean no proactive work by Highways so no new Speed Limits or HGV bans. Recycling centres will remain open with shorter hours. Mobile libraries cut. Trial run of Cango shuttle between JF and School expected - cost 50p each way.
New Forest Marathon organisers presented plans for Sept 11th. A possible design for JF extension was discussed - could include capability for concerts, theatre, conferences.
Sway Parish Council logo

20 July 2016 Wootton Riverine Woodland Wetland Restoration phase 1 starts Monday 25th July and is expected to complete Friday 30th September.

The area will remain open for recreational activities. The Wootton Bridge car park will stay open and to ensure that everyone stays safe they will be putting up signs and information about any diversions to the main tracks that may be temporarily closed to allow machinery to operate. The restoration works will only be carried out from Monday to Friday, so there will still be regular access for people during the evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays.

For more information about the restoration project visit: or click on the map.

Wootton Riverine Wetland Restoration map

17 July 2016 Sway Community SpeedWatch statistics for last week: 48% of all drivers surveyed exceeded the speed limit. Details of 290 vehicles have been reported to the police. Highest speed was blue Vauxhall Astra at Arnewood Bridge travelling at 51 mph in the 30 mph limit. This would have meant a summons and a court appearance for that driver if we had been the police! Please everyone, drive safely within the speed limit.

19 July update: 256 first letters and 20 second letters have been sent out, and four people can expect a personal visit having been caught 3 or more times, with 1 other for travelling at excessive speed.

SID Dec 2015
9 July 2016 Sway Carnival Fete and dog show was extremely well supported. Although dry and often sunny, the strong wind meant it was sometimes rather difficult to keep displays in place (as we found at the Parish Council's). The marshal arts demonstration was a great success as was the dog show. Classic cars and motorbikes were as always extremely popular. One notable star of the show (as far as we were concerned) was SID (Sway Community SpeedWatch's Speed Indication Device). A great time was had by all! Click on the thumbnail opposite to see some photos of the event.Sway Carnival Fete 2016 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
8 July 2016 Sway Carnival Procession this year was a great success. Hundreds of Sway residents and visitors turned out to watch as the Brockenhurst fire engine cleared a path for the parade led by the Dolphin Marching Band. The Carnival king and queen were driven in style in a vintage automobile followed by the many groups of local children and adults portraying the theme of Children's Stories. A regular star of the show, the miniature steam engine Lady Ann, towed a Frozen float - apparently not a variety of ice cream! Click on the thumbnail opposite to see pictures of the procession.Sway Carnival Procession 2016 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
1 July 2016 At a small focus group meeting of just 7 Community Speedwatch representatives with Hampshire Police Strategic Partnerships leader Ch Supt Richard John, we learnt that there are currently around 800 Community SpeedWatch volunteers in 80 groups across Hampshire. The police will be giving continued support to this programme and were very receptive of our comments and ideas on how it can be improved. It was great to discover that, despite being a small parish, Sway are viewed as contributing a considerable amount to this initiative.SID Dec 2015
30 June 2016 This month's news in pictures. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge. In June we saw the Queen's official 90th birthday, Friends of Sway Station at work, the annual survey of Sway's footpaths, another busy Community SpeedWatch, the cutting of the verges along the lanes, co-option of John Warden onto the Parish Council, and planning permission granted for the Wootton Riverine Woodland Wetland restoration scheme with a condition that a plan for improving access be submitted to include (if feasible) re-instatement of a footbridge across Avon Water between Wilverley and Wootton inclosures. Oh and there was a referendum.2016-06 News in pictures Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
23 June 2016 A momentous day as John Warden, long time Transport and Cango representative was co-opted onto Sway Parish Council to unanimous acclaim. He will also be bringing his considerable knowledge and skills to our Planning and Transport Committee. Well done John!
(I can't think of anything else important that happened that day - can you?)
Cango Lobby

18 June 2016 Most recent Sway Community SpeedWatch resulted in a massive 314 vehicles being reported to the police. A total of 2339 vehicles were surveyed in just over 14 hours. 57% obeyed the speed limit but 455 (19%) exceeded it at 35 mph or more. The highest speed recorded was 48mph.

During this week of SpeedWatch sessions, we recorded our five thousandth vehicle since we began in 2014. That dubious honour goes to the driver of a blue Volvo spotted on 17th June at Arnewood Bridge.

29 June 2016 update. 311 letters were sent with 4 of them to be personally delivered by the police having been recorded 3 or more times this year.

CSW Information Card s
10 June 2016 Owing to severe disruption resulting from an incident further along the line towards Bournemouth, today's Friends of Sway Station (FOSS) work group had a larger audience than normal as they replenished and watered the planters on the station platform. FOSS have also provided a colourful display of flowers in the Station Waiting Room to commemorate the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. 2016-06-10 FOSS work party 2016-06-10 FOSS planter 2016-06-10 FOSS bouquet for the Queen Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
30 May 2016 A new regular feature (hopefully) for this news page. The month's news in pictures. May saw the last of the old Victorian School, beautiful images of the verges and hedges in and around Sway, Tiptoe May Fayre, Community SpeedWatch and the Annual meeting of Sway Parish Council.2016-05 News in pictures Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
26 May 2016 At tonight's Annual Sway Parish Council meeting, chairman Barry Rickman presented Sandie Williams with a bouquet of flowers and wine in appreciation for the excellent work that she has put in as Responsible Finance Officer over the past few months. The council also expressed their warm appreciation for all the work that Kevin Cripps contributed during his time as Parish Councillor. Barry Rickman presenting to Sandie Williams
21 May 2016 Despite dire forecasts and quite heavy rain for the last couple of hours, Tiptoe May Fayre attracted a good number of people and raised over £1,100 towards the upkeep of Tiptoe Green. Sway Parish Council were very well represented by Councillors Ted Fleat, Hugh Marchant and Stephen Tarling who was Master of Ceremonies, and our SID attracted a lot of interest! We all hope for better weather at Sway Carnival fete on 9th July. In the meantime keep coming back to this website to stay informed.SPC at Tiptoe May Fayre 2016 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window Stephen Tarling at Tiptoe May Fayre 2016 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

21 May 2016 Last week's Sway Community SpeedWatch resulted in 174 vehicles being reported to the police. The statistics show some improvement over previous months.  A total of 1860 vehicles were surveyed in 11 hours. 64% obeyed the speed limit but 228 (12%) exceeded it at 35 mph or more. The highest speed recorded was 49mph.
Update 3rd June: 169 warning letters have been sent - 12 to people caught twice this year and one caught three times.

Arnewood Bridge May 2016
19th May 2016 Sway Annual Parish Assembly attracted 14 members of the public and press to watch an enlightening presentation by Nick Wardlaw and Sonia Lorenzo-Martin on the work that is being planned to reinstate the Avon Water meanders through Wootton and Broadley inclosures.Wootton Riverine Wetland Restoration map
12th May 2016 S106 consultation.Drainage of Stanford Rise is considered highest priority. Requests for quotes for drainage plans have been issued Select here for S106 Stanford Rise Update. Stanford Rise

25th April 2016 On 22nd April, Helen Lennox from Gracewell, Jane Brennan resident in Westbeams Road, Barry Rickman (Chair of Sway Parish Council), Ken Thornber (HCC Councillor), Mike Fleming (Local Authority Governor), Rachel Goplen (Headteacher) and Stuart Redhead (PCSO) met to review completed resident surveys and parent surveys. Select here to see what happens next.

Sway Village Congestion Project banner small

23rd April 2016 This week's Sway Community SpeedWatch activities have resulted in 239 vehicles being reported to the police. Overall, 59% of drivers obeyed the speed limit. SID statistics showed a total of 2264 vehicles surveyed in 14 hours, with 379 (17%) at 35 mph or more. Three vehicles exceeded 50mph in the 30mph limit which would have meant a court summons for those drivers if the police had been involved. PLEASE everyone THINK, drive safely, WITHIN THE SPEED LIMIT and be considerate to all other road users, both human and animal.

Update on 9th May. 232 letters were sent and 3 people should receive a personal visit from the police.

Pony in road
20th April 2016 Excellent second site meeting concerning the Wootton Riverine Wetland Restoration Project held today. This time representatives from Sway, Hordle and Brockenhurst Parish Councils along with New Forest Association and the New Forest Equestrian Association were briefed on the details of Phase II - that section of Avon water from just downstream of Wootton Bridge, to a short distance before the footbridge at Mead End. This phase of the project will be executed next Summer. Full details are in planning application 16-00242 on the NFNPA Website. Closing date for comments is May 4th.Wootton Riverine Wetland Restoration site visit April 20
20th April 2016 The Department for Transport are holding a public consultation on their  Draft Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy. Closing date for responses is 23 May 2016 11:45pm. Those who might be interested locally could include those involved with Community SpeedWatch, 20's plenty, Sway Village Congestion project, Cango, FOSS,  Cycling and Walking accessibility issues, ... the list is probably endless. If you have any views, please use this opportunity to submit them to the DFT.DFT
19th April 2016 Following the resignation of Kevin Cripps from the council, and there having been no request from Sway residents to hold a by-election, if you are interested in being coopted on the Sway Parish Council, please Contact Us.Sway Parish Council logo
15th April 2016 This week's Lymington Times page 11 contains an article about Sway Community Speedwatch based on their report to the Parish Council last month. This is excellent as it raises the profile of Community SpeedWatch in general and Sway's group in particular, and further highlights the problems we see with the high percentage of those who speed along our lanes. We will soon have another report to submit to the council.2016-04-15 Lymington Times page 11 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
9th April 2016 We are very pleased to report that David Edwards has been appointed Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer to Sway Parish Council. David lives in Milford on Sea and was until recently, Compliance Director and Company Secretary with Anchor Trust.

He will be taking up his post on Monday 25th April 2016, and attending his first Parish Council meeting on Thursday 28th April 2016.

David Edwards Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

6th April 2016 Hampshire County Council is asking members of the public for their views on how they think savings can best be made in the cost of running Hampshire's Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs). Proposals include changing opening hours and/or the possible closure of some HWRC sites. It is possible that a combination of the proposals, and options within them, will be considered. Your views on these proposals for the HWRCs are very important as the County Council needs this feedback to inform decision-making to contribute towards the delivery of savings, across Hampshire County Council.

Click here to find out more and to provide your response.

The consultation will close at midday on Wednesday 25 May 2016.

Consultation on HWRCs

5th April 2016 Sometime within the next week or so, Hampshire Highways' contractors may be carrying out carriageway repairs and surface dressing on various lanes around the Parish as part of operation resilience. This means that the following lanes may be closed for one or more days.

  • Back Lane
  • Barrows Lane
  • Coombe Lane
  • Mead End Road

There are yellow signs at these locations and most of them currently indicate that the closures will start April 11th for 3 days. This is somewhat confusing, but we should all be prepared for various diversions around this time.

Roadworks on Coombe Lane

4th April 2016 Who would do this? The memorial bench alongside the football stand at Sway Jubilee Field has been torn out of the ground, breaking one leg in the process. We were alerted to this through a message posted on Sway Newswire. Please, if anybody has any information about this incident, contact the police on 101 quoting crime number 44160127250. An anonymous benefactor is offering a £100 reward for information leading to positive identification of the person(s) involved. We are fortunate enough to live in an area that is generally free of such antisocial activities, so it is of great concern when this sort of thing happens.

Sway Parish Council have moved the bench into a secure location until arrangements can be made to repair and reinstate it.

Vandalised memorial bench

1st April 2016 The Wootton Riverine Restoration Project planning application can now be viewed online. The consultation period ends 27th April. The project is in 2 phases, first upstream of Wootton Bridge this Summer and the second. downstream to Mead End next Summer. It is proposed that construction traffic will be routed from the A35 at Holmsley Tea Rooms, along Station Road, then south across Wootton Bridge, then into the inclosure on the right (this year) and to the left (next year). Full details are in the CONSTRUCTION TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT PLAN of planning application 16/00242 Restoration of Avon Water to a meandering stream course. 

Apologies to any who earlier today (check the date) genuinely believed that the proposal was to transfer Avon Watercourse into a concrete pipe some 20 feet in diameter and that Arnewood Bridge would be made into a humpback bridge, thus slowing traffic there to a reasonable speed! Sadly the latter is not the case and Sway Community SpeedWatch will just have to continue monitoring there instead!

Wootton Riverine Wetland Restoration map

31st March 2016 The Children's Play Area at Jubilee Field has been reopened following two days of essential maintenance. The photograph shows Cllr Len Thomas cutting the ceremonial black plastic cable ties to allow the gate to be opened again! Thank you for your patience and understanding. Also the log stack has now been removed from where the tree was blown over.

Children's play area open again
30th March 2016 John Shutler Tree Services removed the oak tree that was blown over during storm Katie earlier this week. Please avoid this area for the moment as the fence is still damaged and the remaining timber stack could be unstable. Also be aware generally that some tree root systems may have been weakened by the storms and the excessive rainfall we have experienced throughout this winter, so please be extra vigilant.Tree Surgeons at work
29th March 2016 Sway Community SpeedWatch update from Hampshire Constabulary. Last month 129 letters were sent out. Two were for a vehicle we recorded twice in the same week! This month, 170 letters have been sent out. Three were for vehicles recorded twice this year. Please drive safely within the speed limit and be considerate to all road users - human and animal.police
28th March 2016 A casualty of Storm Katie last night. This oak tree on the boundary of Jubilee Field was blown over in the storm. Fortunately it has caused only minor damage as it fell into the field rather than across Station Road. Please do not climb or play anywhere near the vicinity of this tree as it is unsafe. Please also take extra special care as other trees may have been weakened by the storm.Tree blown down at Jubilee Field
25th March 2016 We were all deeply saddened to learn of the death of Susan Golby, wife of Sway Parish Council Vice Chair David Golby, on 16th March. The funeral will be held on Monday 4th April at 11:30 am at Bournemouth Crematorium. Donations if desired to Oakhaven Hospice Trust. All enquiries and donations to Maria Jones, R Hallum Funeral Home. Our thoughts are with David and his family at this sad time.Sway Tower Sunset
24 March 2016 We are very sorry to report that Kevin Cripps has resigned from Sway Parish Council. Over his nearly 6 years as a Councillor, Kevin excelled in transforming and improving transparency of the finances of the Council amongst many other things, and will be sorely missed.Cllr Kevin Cripps Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
24 March 2016 Sway Community SpeedWatch completed another week of sessions surveying traffic speeds around the Parish. We recorded details of 176 speeding vehicles in the 10 hours spent monitoring traffic. SID statistics showed a total of 1495 vehicles surveyed, with 265 (18%) exceeding 35 mph. The highest speed recorded was 49mph. So in every respect these figures are far worse than last month's. PLEASE everyone drive safely, WITHIN THE SPEED LIMIT and be considerate to all other road users, both human and animal.Pony in road

10th March 2016 A Sway Village Congestion Project has been launched today. A partnership between Sway Parish Council, St Luke's School and Hampshire County Council, this project aims to identify the key issues relating to parking problems around School Run times, and recommend solutions to these issues. This link will take you to the project web page on St Luke's School website.

Sway Village Congestion Project banner small
9th March 2016 After around 16mm rain last night, this is the impact on Avon Water at Arnewood Bridge. Hopefully the Wootton Riverine Wetland restoration project will alleviate this to some extent by reinstating meanders further upstream hence slowing the movement of flood water.2016-03-09 Avon Water flooding at Arnewood Bridge
7th March 2016 The major road works at the top end of Brighton Road by the Cemetery and adjacent on Manchester Road are for emergency gas repairs. The work is ongoing and expected to last at least another week. They are trying to locate where water is getting into the gas main. Apparently this is somehow not causing any leakage of gas (no I can't understand that either). They will move barriers to allow access into the cemetery as required. We will update this item as and when we find out more. SGN do have a web page reporting emergency works but this is currently not considered serious enough to be included.Gas works  Brighton Road
2nd March 2016 There was a fortunately minor vehicle collision on Church Lane this morning during the School Run period. Please take extra care around School Lane, Westbeams Road and Station Road as the parking issues are severe and the roads very narrow. School Run Parking Issues.15:27 Church Lane gridlock
2nd March 2016 Sway Parish Council have been informed by SSE that the electricity supply to Jubilee Field Pavilion will be switched off on Thursday 10th March between 9am and 3pm
to allow us to safely cut trees near our overhead electricity network.
This means there will be no heating or lighting at the Jubilee Field Pavilion between these hours. We apologise for any inconvenience this will cause.
10 March 2016 Jubilee Field Electricity Outage Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
1 March 2016 A letter in this month's Sway News and an encounter in the forest triggered the writing of this item. Sway and the New Forest have a dog mess problem. Recently I observed a dog walker ignoring the fact that their pooch had performed where many people walk. On offering a bag I was surprised to hear it said that it's acceptable to leave mess on the forest because that's what the ponies do. However, the bag was accepted, filled and then while my back was turned, placed on the ground. Fortunately the walker did leave with the bag (hopefully to be taken and disposed of at home) but it would have been otherwise had I not intervened. Read more here.Dog Walker and their discarded Poo Bag
27 February 2016 Sway Community SpeedWatch completed another week of sessions surveying traffic speeds around the Parish. Despite the dismal expression on the face of SID (the Speed Indication Device, not our volunteer!), the statistics show some improvement which we hope will continue. The new Police SpeedWatch database is now in operation so we recorded details of 134 speeding vehicles in the 11 hours spent monitoring traffic. SID statistics showed a total of 1331 vehicles surveyed, with 179 (13%) exceeding 35 mph. The highest speed recorded was 47mph. See our Community SpeedWatch page for more information.Sway Community SpeedWatch Feb 2016 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

25th February 2016 The results of the S106 Consultation were presented to Sway Parish Council. The decision was taken:
To draw up, cost and implement a scheme at Stanford Rise - Wildflower / sensory planting, orchard, natural play e.g. logs and mounds, picnic areas, improvements to paths and entrance and incorporating improved drainage.
To recognise that Sway Residents are in favour of the installation of a Multi User Games Area (MUGA), to earmark remaining funds for this, and to actively support proposals to seek funding for its installation. A review of funding progress will take place in December 2017.
Select for more details

S106 Consultation Results in Bar Chart Form Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

25th February 2016 a brief Dementia Friendly Sway information session was held on Thursday 25th February from 6:30 to 7:15pm at Sway Jubilee Pavilion, before the Parish Council meeting.  This session was based around a teenager's view of living well with dementia. Sophie Russell along with her mother Sarah and Fiona Willis gave an excellent presentation on how important it is to look at the person with the disease from their viewpoint rather than from ours. Information about the Dementia Friendly Communities Programme can be found here. For specific information about the initiative in Sway, follow Sarah's Twitter feed @swaydemfriend

You can also obtain more details on Dementia Friendly Sway by contacting Sarah Russell at

Dementia Friendly Presentation Group 25 Feb 2016
25th February 2016 Sway Parish Council Chairman and Leader of New Forest District Council, Barry Rickman presented a cheque for £600 to Derek Seward, the captain of Sway Cricket Club's 4th XI, being a grant from New Forest District Council Community Grant Fund towards proposed improvements to Sway Cricket Club pavilion. He also confirmed that those changes have been agreed with NFNPA not to need any planning approval. They are covered under development rights meaning that project can be started. He also announced that he is aware that more will be made available from the funds of Sway Club.Barry Rickman presenting cheque to Derek Seward

16 February 2016 There is currently a vacancy for the position of Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer to Sway Parish Council. We are looking to appoint a suitable person for 20 hours per week. Days can be flexible and some home working is an option but will include the 2nd & 4th Thursday evenings of each month. The salary will be based on NJC scale point 23 - 26 (£20,849 - £22,937 pro rata). Closing date for applications is 5pm Friday 11th March.

Select here for further details.

Sway Parish Council logo
8th February 2016 Wootton Riverine Wetland Restoration project is coming soon. The Forestry Commission held a site visit attended by NFEA and SPC to show what the project will involve. Planning application processes permitting, phase 1 of the project restoring meanders to the 1..5 km of Avon Water from Wootton Bridge westwards will happen during July and August this year. Phase 2 - the 1.5 km from Wootton Bridge going East towards Sway - is expected to happen in July and August next year. Information will be on display between 4:30 pm and 7 pm on 22nd February at Bashley Football Club, Bashley Road, Bashley, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 5RY. More information on Wetland Restoration can be found here and information about its affect on flood prevention can be seen here. Click here or on the map to find out more about the Wootton Riverine Wetland Restoration project specifically.

Wootton Riverine Wetland Restoration site visit Feb 6 2016 - 1 Wootton Riverine Wetland Restoration map

6th February 2016 The S106 Public Consultation held today at Sway Village Hall attracted more than 60 residents. To date more than 430 people have registered their preferences on how the circa £60K from Developers' contributions should be spent. Voting has now closed at midnight on 18th February.S106 event 1
2nd February 2016 New page added to this website with details on Hiring Jubilee Field Pavilion.Jubilee Field Pavilion
23 January 2016 The Jubilee Field User Group now have a page on this Sway Parish Council website. Select here if you want to find out more about the sports organisations that share the facilities at Jubilee Field.JFUG Logos
23 January 2016 Our Sway Community Speed Watch volunteers completed another week of surveys around the Parish. These people put in a lot of time and effort to help you, so you can help them by keeping your speed down! This week we spent 12 hours monitoring traffic at the roadside. Over this time, 368 vehicles (18%) exceeded 35mph and the highest speed recorded was 47 mph. Select here for more information.CSW Jan 2016
21 January 2016 Sway Parish Council Phase 2 of the Public Consultation on how to use circa £60k of S106 Developers' contributions has formally begun.  Voting will remain open until Thursday 18th February. If you are a Sway resident, please ensure you make your vote count. All members of a household are eligible to vote providing you are residing within the Sway Parish Boundary.Map of Sway Civil Parish 2 Thumbnail
9th January 2016 Happy New Year everybody. This is the time of year when statistics of Road Traffic Accidents involving Forest Animals are published on the Verderers website. Here is a link to that document. Thankfully numbers are lower than in previous years, but 55 deaths and 21 injuries is still far too many. As you can see from these two photographs taken today near the allotments, people visiting the forest are oblivious to the fact that it is against bylaws to feed the animals and that doing so entices them into danger. Please spread the word and encourage everyone to become familiar with the bylaws before they visit. There are lots of pages on the New Forest National Park website designed to educate people on how to enjoy the forest responsibly. Encourage people to explore that and other websites before coming here to explore the forest. Help keep the New Forest safe and special.Do not feed the ponies 1 Do not feed the ponies 2
17th December 2015 adobe icon Information Working Group Terms of Reference [33kb] agreed at Sway Parish Council meeting. This group is now officially convened to keep Sway residents informed about all aspects of the Parish Council using this website and Social Media such as Facebook (SwayCouncil) and Twitter (@Sway_PC). The group can be contacted at or via the Councillors Contact Details of this website.InfoWG page
5th December 2015 Our Sway Community Speed Watch volunteers completed another week of surveys around the Parish. These people put in a lot of time and effort to help you, so you can help them by keeping your speed down! This week we spent 14 hours at the roadside. Over this time, 312 vehicles (17%) exceeded 35mph and the highest speed recorded was 56 mph. We were delighted that PCSOs Stuart Readhead and Kelly Cole were able to join us on a couple of occasions. Why is this a Parish Council News Item? Simply because Sway Parish Council are a major sponsor of this initiative in response to substantial demand from Sway residents to improve road safety.Community Speed Watch
28th November 2015 The New Forest National Park Authority Family Tree Planting day at Sway Jubilee Field was a resounding success. More information here.Oliver Alison and Barry
5th November 2015 Work started on improving this Sway Parish Council Website. Progress should be more like evolution than fireworks! This work is being done on a entirely voluntary basis at no cost to the residents of Sway in a bid to improve open worker
22 October 2015 Following the resignation of Tom Greenwood from the council, and there having been no request from Sway residents to hold a by-election, Len Thomas has been co-opted on to Sway Parish Council with unanimous support. Len was one of the fourteen candidates who stood for election in May and for the past 4 years has attended nearly every Parish Council meeting including the Planning and Transport committee meetings, both as an interested resident of the Parish and more recently as the Parish Council's Community SpeedWatch representative.Cllr Thomas
7th October 2015 Sway was awarded 3rd place in the Hampshire Association of Local Councils' Village of the Year Competition and also came second in the Best Economic Category. Sway Parish Council Chairman and NFDC leader Cllr Barry Rickman was also awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award. Joint winners of the HALC Village of the Year were Bembridge (who were also last year's winner) and Enham Alamein.HALC Village of the Year 2015
September 2015 Sway, New Milton and Hordle formed partnership to fund New Forest Cango booking system. A £1,500 shortfall has been made up through the generous contributions from members' budgets of Hampshire County Councillors Ken Thornber, Alan Rice and Jacqui England. Full details of Cango in the adobe icon Cango Users Leaflet [261kb] and on the Hampshire County Council website.Cango Bus on lanes
27th August 2015 Sway Parish Council agreed £2,000 pa contribution to the £6,000 required to fund a proposed new Cango booking system. The start of a Public Consultation on use of S106 funds was approved. Wholehearted support for continuation of Community SpeedWatch was confirmed. Sway Parish Council Logo competition was abandoned in light of strong opposition from residents of Sway showing how successful it had been in engaging the interest of residents of Sway!Sway Parish Council logo
July 2015 Sway Parish Council presence at Sway Carnival fete and Tiptoe Fete continued the theme of more open communications.Parish Council at Fete

25th June 2015 Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Hayes attended Sway Parish Council Meeting. He faced questions about Road Safety and the role of Community SpeedWatch, the PCC fund and criteria for applications to it, how the police deal with vulnerable people with learning difficulties, attendance by Neighbourhood Police at Council meetings, what residents of Sway can do to help the police, and the closure of Lymington Police Station.

25th June 2015 Sway Parish Council agreed the concept of a Parish Council newsletter with the aim of promoting more open communications between the Parish Council and the Residents of Sway, and a new Council logo competition was proposed to help engage the interest of residents of Sway.concept sway newsletter
22nd May 2015 Sway Parish Council supported Cango Users Forum lobbying Hampshire County Council to save the Cango bus booking system. Cango Users Forum chairman John Warden presented a petition with around 1,500 signatures to HCC Leader Roy Perry.Cango Lobby
21st May 2015 Sway Parish Council held Annual Meeting followed by the Annual Parish Assembly. Guest Speakers included Head Agister Jonathan Gerrelli, the new New Forest Marathon Management team, and PC Leon Simon.Annual Assembly Poster
7th May 2015 Fourteen candidates stood for election to the new enlarged Sway Parish Council. Twelve were duly elected in a 71.8% turnout. This was a tremendous improvement on the previous quadrennial election in 2011 when just 4 candidates stood for the 8 places on the council at that time. Select here for full details of the election results from the NFDC website.2015 election candidates Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window


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