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This page is maintained by the Information Working Group to highlight the work that is being performed by this group. We do this on an entirely voluntary basis in the firm belief that it is essential for everyone to be fully informed about council decisions and decision making processes.

The Information Working Group works in a completely ad-hoc way to keep you informed of everything the council does that may affect you. We also try and help publicise information about other activities and issues in and around Sway Parish and anything else we hear about that might affect the residents of Sway.

The work involves a number of things:

  • Maintaining the content of this Parish Council Website
    • The website banner
    • All of the various web pages (over 60 of these)
    • All the images displayed on these web pages
    • Meeting Agendas and Minutes going back several years provided by the Parish Clerk
    • Parish Council documents provided by the Parish Clerk and other Councillors
  • Maintaining the Sway Parish Council facebook page
    • Text
    • Images
  • Tweeting and retweeting items of interest to the residents of Sway using our twitter feed
    • Text
    • Images
  • Preparing material and utilising the Parish Council projector at our meetings to display:
    • Meeting Agendas
    • Details of planning applications under discussion
    • Other material to help the public understand what is being discussed
  • Helping the parish clerk in preparing posters

The actual content of some of the pages and most of the downloadable documents such as Meeting Agendas and Minutes is supplied by the Parish Clerk and other Councillors.

It takes a lot or work and effort to do all this. Previously the Parish Council paid outside contractors, but that proved expensive and lacked immediacy.

More recently we have begun monitoring website usage using Google Analytics. Click on the thumbnails below for more information.

2018-05-01 Sway PC website use Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window 2018-05-01 Top 40 web pages Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

The graph shows how many pages were viewed each day over the past 6 months. The red line shows unique page views (ignores re-views of a page during a session). The table shows the top 40 favourite pages over the past month. Unsurprisingly our home page is usually the most viewed one, however exceptionally on 19th September 2017, there was a massive spike in the number of views, and the page with the highest number of hits was that on New Forest Mass Cycling Events. This was no doubt a result of the weekend's Wiggle New Forest 100 event which came right through Sway.

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