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Parish Councillors

Sway Parish Council Members

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Cllr Peter Dance s

Peter Francis John Dance

Cllr Ted Fleat s

Edward Fleat

Cllr David Golby s

David Golby

Cllr Hugh Marchant s

Hugh Marchant

Cllr Alex Pepper s

Alexandra Caroline Pepper

Cllr Barry Rickman s

Barry Rickman

Cllr Melanie Seacombe s

Melanie Frances Seacombe

Cllr Stephen Tarling s

Stephen Edward Tarling

Len Thomas

Cllr Graham Turner s

Graham Geoffrey Turner

John Warden

Cllr Kevin Cripps s

Kevin Cripps

Most of above photographs courtesy Barry Rickman.

Sway Parish Council Officers

Katie Walding s

Katie Walding
Sway Parish Council Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer





Sway Parish Council Member Declarations of Interest Forms can be viewed on the NFDC website, please use this link to the site. Sway Parish Councillors Registers of Interest