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Councillor Karen Marshall

I originally moved to Sway in 1981 from Lincolnshire. I had the most idyllic teenage years living here, going to school at Priestlands and enjoying riding my ponies on the forest.  Unfortunately, at 17 we moved away due to my father's job.  I promised myself that I would move back and finally, after 32 years, we bought our home in Westbeams Road.

I was determined to contribute in some way to village life and became involved with fighting for a better scheme at Hatch Motors.  As a group we wanted to ensure that the development was providing the best possible solution providing for the needs of the village in terms of employment and housing but retaining the character of our village. I spoke on behalf of our group at Parish Council and NFNPA meetings.

I work full time, have 3 children: 19, 15 and 9 - my youngest children attend Priestlands and St Lukes. I have 2 horses and a dog.  I consider myself very lucky to live in such a wonderful place.  I am very passionate about nature and protecting the habitats of creatures large and small for the continued enjoyment of all.  

I hope that I will be able to represent some of  the ideals and concerns of many of the families in Sway.  The need to balance progress whilst retaining the charm and feel of our lovely village.

You can contact me:

Mob: 01590 718142

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