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Councillor Vicky Ryce

I have spent my entire career in communication roles so hope these skills will be helpful as we communicate with and on behalf of the residents of Sway Parish.

I am on the board of the New Forest Business Partnership which provides support across the forest and we have several members in Sway. The NFBP's aim is to fuel growth by helping businesses stay informed and competitive so they continue to underpin and contribute to the economic health of the New Forest. 

I'm on the Finance Working Group (I have extensive experience in financial planning and budgets from my years working with large corporations). I'm also on the Amenities Working Group. I started my career working for a charity that campaigns to retain recreational ground and safely standards for children's play areas so this is something close to my heart. I'm also the representative from Sway Parish Council on the New Forest Consultative Panel. 

You can contact me:

07715 698599


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