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    We welcome you to the official website for Sway Parish Council.  The website is intended to be of interest to both the residents of Sway and the surrounding areas as well as potential visitors.

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    Sway is one of the largest villages in the New Forest National Park.  The civil parish was formed in 1879 when some 2,000 acres were taken from the neighbouring parish of Boldre.  Sway has a population of 3,448 (2011 census figures).  The village lies within easy walking distance of the open forest and some 4 miles north of the Georgian town of Lymington.  Sway and the surrounding area is an attractive place to live or to visit, with travel made easier by the award winning rail station on the main line from London Waterloo to Weymouth.  The village is a good location for walkers, horse riders and cyclists.

    Sway is probably best known for Sway Tower.  It stands 66 metres high and is a Grade II listed building.  It is also known as “Peterson’s Folly” having been built by Andrew Peterson on his private estate from 1879 – 1885.  The design was influenced by the follies he saw during his time in India.  The tower is visible from most of the New Forest and most of the western Solent.


    Latest Sway Parish Council News


    A vacancy has arisen for the Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer to Sway Parish Council.  We are a progressive council and are looking for someone to help continue the process of development, working with Councillors, to implement our aims and objectives. (please click here for job advert information) (please click here for Job description information)


    Stephen Tarling’s news bulletin Latest news

    Latest news (following the 12 Jun 2014 Sway Planning and Transport Committee meeting  – see the forthcoming July 2014 edition)

      • Committee members for 2014/15 reamin the same as for 2013/14
      • Since last month, and of applications previously considered by Sway, the National Park have granted (or agreed or issued a certificate for) eight applications, and refused one, all with no opposition to Sway’s recommendations; and by error granted one application without reference to Sway’s recommendation to refuse it.
      • One Sway Tree Work Application approved.
      • Planning issues:  five new applications supported by Sway, and one recommended for refusal (but the final decision left with the NFNPA Planning Officer).
        One Planning Inspectorate Appeal involving Sway has been withdrawn, and two are pending.
      • One enforcement issue has been removed from the list by NFNPA (due to the NFNPA error in a premature planning application approval error), and only one added this month – so the current total for Sway is 11 – no change from last month.
      • No Sway applications coming before the NFNPA June Planning Committee meeting.
      • Highways works on Coombe Lane and Lower Mead End Road discussed and actions taken.
      • Sway Community Speedwatch doing great work in support of the priorities expressed by Sway residents – and continue to monitor Brighton Road, Durnstown, Pitmore Lane, Manchester Road and Arnewood Bridge Road [TIP: be sure never to exceed the speed limit on those roads].
      • Reports from Sway Community Speedwatch to me come to the committee every month; PC Morgan Williams to be invited to report at Sway Parish Council meetings…


    Previous news (following the 29 May 2014 8:30pm Sway Parish Council meeting – see page 41 of the June 2014 edition of Sway News)

        • Cllr. Barry Rickman re-elected as Chair; and Cllr. Ted Fleat as Vice Chair.
        • Affordable Housing moving to identifying sites – a few possibilities.
        • Clerk’s report
          • Updated Standing orders, updated Operating Framework and new Complaints Procedure all approved and adopted.
          • Membership of Committee and Working Groups unchanged
          • Cllr. Peter Dance to take over Footpaths (Rights of Way) and Cllr. Stephen Tarling to be added as New Forest South-West Quadrant rep in place of Cllr. Dance.
          • Annual Audit Return approved by auditor and approved to be submitted.
        • Payments approved: including £4710 for maintenance to football and cricket pitches and £509 for grounds maintenance.
        • Report on the Planning and Transport Committee May 2014 meeting – draft minutes in MS-Word format at http://tinyurl.com/mt5gevt and since then eight applications have been granted by NFNPA, one application refused by NFNPA, one application amended; one appeal withdrawn, and two appeals still pending. One application was erroneously prematurely granted against Sway’s recommendations: the NFNPA Planning Development Manager has apologised for the error.
        • AoB: draft response to the “Your Parish Council” survey to be considered by Councillors – and final version published in July Sway News.

    Previous news (following the 29 May 2014 7:30pm Sway Annual Parish Meeting – see page 39 or 40 of the June 2014 edition of Sway News)

        • Cllr Barry Rickman’s Chairman’s Report noted a year of good progress – including setting up of Committee and Working Groups, but a tough financial year – with more to come. As District Cllr. as well he’s pleased to report no increase in NFDC Council Tax, although destruction of beach huts in the storms will be expensive; and NFDC is continuing with apprenticeship schemes.
        • Finances for year ending not as bad as feared – thanks to various grants and donations, but outlook for current financial year is tight.
        • Summary of the structure and workings of Sway Parish Council: overview from the Chair Cllr. Barry Rickman with guidance for anyone considering standing in 2015 when the number of councillors will increase from 8 to 12.
        • The Clerk, Neil Gulliver, outlined the work of a Clerk in keeping everything in order, being the Responsible Financial Officer, advising on good governance and acting as the spokesperson and conduit for Parish Council communications.
        • The new Planning & Transport Committee, Amenities Working Group and Finance Working Group were all detailed by their respective chairs.
        • County Councillor Ken Thornber’s report:
          • After 14 years as leader of Hampshire County Council, and then as Chairman, Hampshire now have 5 political parties represented for the first time (including independents).
          • Hampshire CC have lost 1800 staff in recent cuts and still have to lose 500 more staff and another £90Mpa. Council tax has been frozen. Schools, Social Services and Highways budget have been maintained (but back office and managers have gone). Apprenticeships to continue.
          • Roads, houses and infrastructure devastated in storms and floods. Some places only just coming back to normal now. Repair bill for roads will be £68M extra on standard £47Mpa.
          • In Sway: Coombe Lans should be fixed soon – pipe on private land has been blocked; Wootton Road / Sway Road junction where ditch / culvert collapsed causing recent flooding should be fixed withing the next two weeks. South Sway Lane also a local priority.
          • Marlpit Oak Railway Bridge works will recommence in early October (possibly with alternate one-way) but will take months to complete, and Cobblers Corner cattle grid needs to be fixed.
          • The CANGO bus service is retained; Cllr. Thornber has been able to support Sway Village Hall, the new bus shelter and lighting; but in this current year anticipates only support for St. Luke’s Church and Youth Club.
        • AoB:
          • Sway Village Design Statement adoption was a highlight of the year.
          • Some minor items held over for the regular Parish Council Meeting which followed (vide supra).



    For older news please see this archive.

    Next public Sway Parish Council meetings:


        • Amenities Working Group: Thursday 26th. June 2014 at 7pm in Jubilee Field Pavilion
        • Parish Council Meeting: Thursday 26th. June 2014 at 7:30pm in Jubilee Field Pavilion
        • Planning and Transport Committee: Thursday 10th. July 2014 at 7:30pm in Jubilee Field Pavilion
        • Planning and Transport Committee: Thursday 14th. August 2014 at 7:30pm in Jubilee Field
        • Amenities Working Group: Thursday 24th. July 2014 at 7pm in Jubilee Field Pavilion
        • Parish Council Meeting: Thursday 24th. July 2014 at 7:30pm in Jubilee Field Pavilion

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