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Parish Council Documents

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Sway Parish Council Policies and Procedures

Financial Regulationsadobe icon Financial Regulations [631kb]
Standing Ordersadobe icon Standing Orders [766kb]
Code of Conductadobe icon Code of Conduct [60kb]
Publication Schemeadobe icon SPC Publication Scheme [250kb]
Fixed Asset Registeradobe icon Fixed Asset Register [67kb]
Reserves Policyadobe icon Reserves Policy [87kb] adobe icon Reserves Policy Appendix - Earmarked Reserves [73kb]
Complaints Procedureadobe icon Complaints Procedure [466kb]
Disciplinary Procedureadobe icon Disciplinary Procedure [549kb]
Freedom of Informationadobe icon Freedom of Information [467kb]
Sway Parish Council Policy for Section 137 Grant Applicationsadobe icon Section 137 Grant Applications [201kb]
Sway Parish Council Award Schemeadobe icon Sway Parish Council award scheme rules [461kb] adobe icon Sway Parish Council Award Scheme Nomination Form [72kb]
Document Registeradobe icon Document Register [45kb]
Sway GDPR Guidance and Action Planadobe icon GDPR Guidance and Action Plan for SPC [604kb]
GDPR Data Auditadobe icon Data Audit [571kb]
Data Protection and Information Policyadobe icon Data Protection and Information Policy [531kb]
Subject Access Request Policyadobe icon Subject Access Request Policy [477kb]
GENERAL PRIVACY NOTICEadobe icon General Privacy Notice [460kb]
Social Media Policyadobe icon Social Media Policy [334kb]
Habitual or Vexatious Complaints Policyadobe icon Habitual or Vexatious Complaints Policy [312kb]


The following are not formally policy documents but are still of importance in the running of Sway Parish Council.

Sway Parish Council Budget Settingadobe icon Sway Parish Council Budget Setting [215kb]
Sway Parish Council Budget 2018-2019adobe icon 2018-19 Budget
Sway Parish Council Budget 2017-2018adobe icon 2017-2018 Income and Expenditure budget [46kb]
Sway Parish Council Budget 2016-2017adobe icon 2016-2017 Income & Expenditure Budgets [298kb]
Sway Parish Council Budget 2015-2016adobe icon 2015-2016 Income & Expenditure Budgets [20kb]
Sway Planning and Transport Committee Terms of Referenceadobe icon PaTC Terms of Reference [211kb]
Open Spaces and Facilities Working Group (to follow) 
Jubilee Pavilion Keyholder Agreementadobe icon Jubilee Pavilion Keyholder Agreement [36kb]


The following Audit Documents are required to be displayed by the council

Select here to see government guidance relating to this.

Latest year

NOTICE OF PUBLIC RIGHTS AND PUBLICATIONadobe icon Notice of Public Rights 2018 [2Mb]
2018 Annual Governance and Accountability Statement adobe icon 2018 AGAR [6Mb]
2018 Internal Audit Reports (Interim and Year End)adobe icon Internal Audit - 2018 interim [302kb] adobe icon Internal Audit - 2018 year end [367kb]
2018 Notice of Conclusion of Audit & External Auditor Report & Certificateadobe icon Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2018 [383kb] adobe icon External Auditor Section 3 2018 [260kb]

Previous year

2017 Annual Return Accounting and Governance Statements plus Appendix 5 and Appendix 6adobe icon 2017 Accounting statements for publication [3Mb]
2016 Annual Return Accounting Statementadobe icon 2016 Annual Return Accounting Statement [1Mb]
2016 Annual Return Governance Statementadobe icon 2016 Annual Return Governance Statement [1Mb]
2016 Annual Return Appendix 5adobe icon 2016 Annual Return Appendix 5 [577kb]
2016 Annual Return Appendix 6adobe icon 2016 Annual Return Appendix 6 [930kb]
2016 Notice of Conclusion of Auditadobe icon 2016-08-31 Notice of Conclusion of Audit [459kb]

Past year(s)

2014_15 Annual Return Section 1 Accounting Statementadobe icon 2014_15 Annual Return Section 1 Accounting Statement [1013kb]
2014_15 Annual Return Section 2 Governance Statementadobe icon 2014_15 Annual Return Section 2 Governance Statement [1Mb]
2014_15 Annual Return Section 3 External Auditor Certificate & Reportadobe icon 2014_15 Annual Return Section 3 External Auditor Certificate & Report [732kb]



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