The Sway Allotments, Pitmore Lane


We are launching a tiny plot scheme! If you would like an allotment but do not have a day a week to manage it properly, then you can consider a tiny plot: providing enough space for a veg patch, you should only need a few hours a week. Apply today! (See 'how it works' for all details)

To add your name to the list for an allotment, please provide your contact details (name, address, phone and email) to the Parish Clerk who will be able to give you some indication of how many hopefuls are on the list before you. We prioritise Sway residents of course, but non-Sway residents are able to apply for a plot too.

To maintain a plot to an acceptable level of cultivation, you need to expect to spend 6-8 hours per week as a minimum.            
Please read our policy on inspections. 

Currently the price is £18.50 or £37 annually depending on plot size, and we also ask for £10 per annum to cover the cost of insurance (to keep you and your families safe when working on your plots) and as a contribution to the costs of providing mowers and fuel, and some other benefits to allotment holders. Renewals are annually in October.

You will be asked to sign a tenancy agreement when you take an allotment and we urge you to read and abide by the terms therein. The Parish Council rents the land from the Crown (via Forestry England) in collaboration with the Verderers and the lease mandates all of us to respect and protect this fragile ecosystem. Please NEVER allow anything from the allotments site to be accessible or given to livestock roaming the open forest. Feeding anything to them is against the law - and  causes sickness and sometimes death of the animals.

The Committee hosts an AGM each autumn, to which all holders are encouraged to attend. You can read the Sway Allotments Association Constitution. If you have ideas or suggestions for improvements to the allotments site, or you think you could contribute to its management and might be interested in joining the Committee, please contact the Parish Clerk.