Parish Council Precept

Sway Parish Council's Precept (the amount of your Council Tax it collects) for the year April 2022 - March 2023 is £86,295. For every Band D equivalent property in Sway (calculated by NFDC at 1706.10) this equates to £49.94 for the year. View information about the budget for 2022-23 and the projects and objectives of the Council to see how this money will be spent.

Finance Working Group

The FWG comprises five members (Alex Pepper - Chair, Vicky Ryce, Lisa Thomas, Mike Butler) with the Council Chairman as an ex officio member. It has no delegated authority and can only make recommendations to full Council for consideration. It meets at key points during the financial year including prior to submission of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR), budget setting and Precept setting. 

The FWG monitors the finances alongside the Clerk, reviews month end accounts and other financial documentation and supports the Clerk in her role as Responsible Financial Officer, accountable for the management of the public purse. It provides a scrutiny role for the bank reconciliations, payments and monthly accounts preparation.

To review the Council's Financial Regulations and other key financial documents including AGARs, please see the Financials tab of Council Documents page.