Sway Parish Council seeks Apprentice Clerk

Sway Parish Council is launching a new apprenticeship scheme in partnership with Brockenhurst College, providing an enthusiastic and motivated individual with an opportunity to earn while they learn.


The role offers an 18-month programme of on-the-job paid learning within the local government sector, including up to six placements with neighbouring councils and other local authorities, to provide a comprehensive introduction to the wide ranging and varied work of a local council clerk.


Supported by a college assessor, the apprentice will spend 20% of their time in off-the-job training, whilst being paid, including some time spent learning at the College.


Anyone can apply for an apprenticeship if they are aged 16 or older, not in full-time education and live in England. The local government sector is made up of 9000+ active town and parish councils, of vastly different sizes, and an experienced and qualified Clerk has a wide career opportunity in front of them.


A clerk is a professional role requiring specialist knowledge and a range of skills. The clerk is the council's chief officer, employed to discharge its functions, manage its activities, and provide sound legal advice.


The clerk:

·  Advises the council on legal matters

·  Administers the council’s finances

·  Organises the council’s procedures

·  Gathers information to help the council make decisions

·  Raises the profile of the council in the local community

·  Guides the council as it engages with its residents

·  Negotiates with other organisations

·  Implements the council’s decisions

·  Manages the council’s projects


The successful candidate will complete the programme and achieve a Business administrator Level 3 (A level) standard, after which it is hoped a role will be offered as an Assistant Clerk, with further learning opportunities.


The Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC) is the professional body for local council clerks and represents clerks to over 5,000 councils in England and Wales. They offer a range of sector specific, nationally recognised qualifications, most importantly the Certificate in Local Council Administration (Level 3), progressing through to an MA in Public Leadership (Level 7).

This apprenticeship could be the first step into a professional career in clerking, where the experience and qualifications obtained will enable the successful individual to progress to Assistant/Deputy and ultimately a fully qualified Clerk, recognised across England and Wales for every size of town and parish council. 

Please contact Katie Walding, the Parish Clerk, to chat about this role 😊