CANGO - Call ANd GO community bus service

The Cango Bus Service is for use by anyone. Unusually, it offers a telephone booking line which means a passenger can catch the bus at a convenient pre-arranged location close to (and sometimes even right outside) their home. The bus also stops at fixed (timed) points where anybody can board and disembark just as with any other bus.

How do you use it?
You can use it as you would any normal bus providing you get on and get off at "timed stops". These are at:

New Milton Tesco  ~  New Milton - Bradbeers  ~  Sway Railway Station  ~  Lymington High Street Post Office

If you wish to board or get off anywhere else, you must book in advance. 
The booking number is open from 7am to 9am Monday to Friday.
Please telephone 07891 658769
There are two timetables. The first is for the C32 which runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The second is for the C33 which travels much the same route but at slightly different times on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Timed stops are in bold print. Times for other stops are flexible.
Please note that these timetables have been reproduced for your benefit from the official timetables published by Hampshire County Council. Sway Parish Council accepts no responsibility for any errors that may have been made in this process.